World Social Justice Day: Mulk To The Married Woman, 7 Movies And Shows That Highlight Casteism, Human Rights And Racial Injustice

Here are seven movies and shows about social justice that you can binge-watchch on the World Social Justice Day.

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February 18, 2021


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20 February is internationally observed as the World Social Justice Day. Social Justice refers to the fairness that is observed in society. It ensures that all humans of all genders, caste, religion, communities, sexual orientations, economic backgrounds get treated with equal respect and do not face discrimination. Observing this day, we have some shows and movies on ZEE5 that promote social justice and acceptance. Here is a list of seven of them:

Court Martial

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Court Martial is a play, which is available on ZEE5 as a movie. Starring Rajeev Khandelwal, Court Martial’s plot revolves around an army officer, Ramchandra, who is accused of killing another officer. Ramchandra accepts all charges but Rajeev Khandelwal’s character, Officer Bikash Roy, fights for his justice. It is later revealed that the victim used to treat Ramchandra with complete disrespect, as Ramchandra belonged to a ‘lower caste’, and also used to call him names that disrespected his caste. Provoked by this, Ramchandra later commits the murder. The play then talks about the situation of caste discrimination still being prevalent and how social justice needs to be given importance.

Watch Court Martial on ZEE5.

Code M

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Code M, starring Jennifer Winget and Rajat Kapoor is a show that revolves around the mystery of a murder in the Indian Army. After an investigation into the army officer’s death takes the plot to multiple points, it is revealed that the murder was committed on the grounds of discrimination. The superior officer did not want the victim to marry his daughter, as the victim was from a ‘lower caste’, and hence, got him killed. The superior officer is then called out for discrimination and for not being true to his duty of serving everyone, regardless of their caste or gender.

Watch Code M on ZEE5.


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Starring Taapsee Pannu and Rishi Kapoor, Mulk is one of the most hard-hitting films of current times that makes a big statement for social justice. It is about a Muslim family who faces discrimination and charges against them because their son turns out to be a terrorist. Even after producing multiple proofs of their innocence and proving their authenticity in not being aware of their son’s activities, they still get targeted by all sections of the society. Mulk then makes a social statement about how unacceptable and dreadful it is to tag people as terrorists for their religion, while there are proofs that claim that they are not involved in any acts of terrorism.

Watch Mulk on ZEE5.


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Kaafir, starring Mohit Raina and Dia Mirza, is based on the true story of a Pakistani woman who accidentally crossed the border, and was imprisoned for being considered a spy. A journalist sees her situation and her hardships and gives his all to bring them justice on humanitarian grounds. The web series makes a statement about social justice that needs to be granted for humanity.

Watch Kaafir on ZEE5.

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Arranged Marriage (Forbidden Love)

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Forbidden Love on ZEE5 is an anthology of four short films, one of which is Arranged Marriage, starring Patralekha, Ali Fazal, and Omkar Kapoor. The short film is about two men who are in a romantic relationship with each other. Their love is not accepted in society, and one of them is pressured into marrying a woman. This woman, not accepting of a homosexual affair, talks to other people, who just like her, think that homosexuality is a disease that needs to be cured. The film explores the regressive thinking about homosexual affairs that need to be accepted by our society.

Watch Arranged Marriage on ZEE5.

Dev DD 2

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Dev DD 2 is an upcoming show on ZEE5. The show is about a girl, Devika, who finds out that her friend, Chandni, is in a romantic relationship with another girl, Radha. Chandni and Radha are not being accepted in the society and Devika takes it upon herself to get them the social justice that they deserve. Dev DD 2 will also talk about other matters of social justice that Devika will be bringing awareness about.

Dev DD 2 will premiere on ZEE5 on the World Social Justice Day, 20 February.

The Married Woman

Source: ZEE5

The Married Woman is also an upcoming show on ZEE5, which is based on a novel, A Married Woman, by Manju Kapoor. The show explores the journey that a married woman goes through in the society, with multiple expectations that are thrust upon her. In the journey, the married woman, Aastha, finds love and comfort in the arms of another woman, Peeplika, and their relationship goes through the harsh phase of unacceptance.

The Married Woman will premiere on ZEE5 on the occasion of the International Women’s Day ie. on March 8.

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