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Dark 7 White: Who Betrayed Master Manipulator Yudi And Killed Him? Find Out Here!

Tanvi Dhote

December 30, 2020

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Who the hell killed Yudi? This question has finally been answered. While everybody was a prime suspect in Yudi’s murder, who finally ended the life of the master manipulator from Dark 7 White?

Dark 7 White is the latest political thriller the Indian Audience is binging on. This ZEE5 Original revolves around the murder of CM Yudhveer Singh right before his oath-taking ceremony. At the time of his murder, Yudhveer’s closest people were around him and hence all of them are the prime suspects. Nobody is safe from the close watch of ACP Abhimanyu, the lead investigator of this high profile case. Now that the series is out, people are eager to know who the hell killed Yudi? Find out below.

Dark 7 White starts with Rajasthan’s new CM Yudhveer Singh stepping out for the oath-taking ceremony. Moments before he steps out with his team and security personnel, he clicks a picture with his college friends. Once Yudhveer and his team leave for the oath-taking ceremony, they are stopped by a group of college protestors. Yudhveer calms them down and moves ahead.

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But soon, his neck gets sliced due to a thin wire that was coated with poison. His death shocks everybody. Soon, ACP Abhimanyu enters the scene and starts investigating the high profile murder. As the series progresses we get to know that each of the prime suspects had a reason to kill Yudi. For example, Nilu hating Yudhveer for not respecting her enough and not publicly acknowledging their son. Similarly, Kush and Yogesh’ secret affair was also something that Yudhveer would use to blackmail them about.

While Yudhveer’s voice over in the series lets us know that he is shocked with every major development in his murder investigation, his shocking past is the major reason for his death. In every new episode of Dark 7 White, we get know deeper and darker secrets about Yudhveer’s games and the crimes he has committed. Apart from his heinous crimes, he also turns out to be a master manipulator.

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But this manipulation does not help him in understanding that a person he considered innocent from the start is more than meets the eye. His fiancée, Daisy is the real manipulator in this series. Once ACP Abhimanyu tells her about how Yudhveer killed her father, she sees her fiancé for who he really is. Thus she and ACP Abhimanyu meticulously plan Yudhveer’s murder while being in the centre of the media’s attention. Moreover, Daisy also takes control of her father’s party while blindsiding Kush and the others.  Thus, Yudhveer, the master manipulator, is killed by none other than Daisy and ACP Abhimanyu.


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