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Permanent Roommates: 6 Coolest Scenes Of Mikesh-Tanya That Made Them Every Millennial’s Favourite Onscreen Couple!

Vatsal Thakore

June 14, 2021

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Here are some of the best and the most adorable moments of Mikesh and Tanya from the TVF show Permanent Roommates which is now streaming on ZEE5.

TVF’s Permanent Roommates is one of the most iconic web series of India. Not only did its season begin the era of web series in the country, but the show also gave us the loveliest and the most adorable on-screen couple – Mikesh and Tanya (or as they’d prefer, Mickey and Tanu), played by Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh. Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh had such great chemistry throughout the show, that they became iconic couple in the digital space. As Permanent Roommates is now ZEE5,  here are some of the best moments of Mickey and Tanu from the show that make them so lovable.


Mikesh resolving an argument

Source: Stills from the show

This lovely scene is from the cold open of Permanent Roommates Season 1, Episode 4. When Mikesh is not getting a good flat in Mumbai and Tanya is annoyed from travelling so much, she gets mad at Mikesh and says they were better off as a long-distance couple. Mikesh immediately walks out of the car, and calls Tanya, pretending as if they’re still in a long-distance relationship. This technique of his brings a smile to Tanya’s face, as well as the audience’s.

Mikesh taking away Tanya’s tensions

Source: Stills from the show

This is a scene from Permanent Roommates season 1, episode 3 when Mikesh has to move out of Tanya’s apartment late in the night. Tanya gets very worried for him and calls him, standing at her balcony, while he is outside her building. She tells him how tense she is for him, to which Mikesh says, “Take the tension out of your head, and throw it at me,” immediately calming her.

Mikesh’s birthday surprises for Tanya

Source: Still from the show

Even if Mikesh celebrated Tanya’s birthday a month before it actually was, he made it by giving her the best surprise. In season 1 episode 5, we see how amazingly Mikesh has planned a surprise party for Tanya, and even makes a ‘cool’ video for her, where all her friends are wishing her – he did it way before it was cool!


Tanya’s proposal

Source: Stills from the show

Also a scene from season 1 episode 5, is when Mikesh is upset with Tanya for breaking up and has made a decision to move back to the US. Tanya realizes her mistake, apologizes to Mikesh and proposes to him to be her roommate forever – with the keys to their new apartment. This is definitely one of the best and the sweetest scenes of the show.

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Tanya doesn’t doubt Mikesh and his reaction to it

Source: Still from the show

This one is from season 2 episode 5, when Mikesh and Tanya’s gynaecologist calls them and two other couples and says that one of the six people is cheating on their partners. At this moment, when everyone decides to check their partner’s phones, Tanya refuses to check Mikesh’s phone, saying he could never do something like this. Mikesh feels offended about this, creating a hilarious, yet lovely situation.

Tanya’s ‘Nice-Man’

Source: Still from the show

Also from season 2 episode 5, this is from the last scene of the episode, when Mikesh is expressing his scepticism, thinking if he is a ‘superhero enough’ to take the responsibility of a family. Tanya replies to him that he most definitely is her superhero, her ‘Nice-Man,’ and Mikesh feels proud about it.

Catch this couple in TVF’s Permanent Roommates Season 1 and Season 2 on ZEE5. You can also watch Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh as a couple in the ZEE5 show Dark 7 White.

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