Brahmarakshas 2: Although Twins, Kalindi And Chandni Are Poles Apart Due To Their Upbringing

In a recent episode of Brahmarakshas 2, we see Kalindi’s sister Chandni making an appearance. As per the story, Chandni and Kalindi were separated at birth.

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February 16, 2021



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In a recent episode of Brahmarakshas 2, we see Kalindi’s sister Chandni making an appearance. As per the story, Chandni and Kalindi (both played by Nikki Sharma) were separated at birth. One of them is left in the hood of a truck whereas the other one is given to a priestess. The twin given to the priestess is Kalindi and she ends up with Raghav (played by Mihir Mishra) and Vishakha (essayed by Ekta Sharma) whereas Chandni ends up being a thief. Due to the difference in their upbringing and surrounding, the sisters have grown up very differently.

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Kalindi has always stood by justice and truth. She is a kind-hearted girl who does not tolerate lies and deceit. The good qualities are engrained in her by Raghav and Vishakha. She trusted Prithvi (played by Nikhil Arya) and felt indebted to him for repaying her father’s debts, which was a lie. On the other hand, Chandni goes by the name of Chatak Chorni and is a thief by profession. She does not have a moral compass, neither does she care about the people around her. Life has shown her hardships, so she tends to be selfish at times.

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Kalindi did not disrespect elders. Chandni, on the other hand, is very rough and lives a very vicarious life. She wakes up in the morning and drinks alcohol. She has a very unrefined language and she lies as per her convenience. In the recent episode, in order to escape from the police after stealing the necklace, Chandni lies about feeling unwell and gets away with the theft.

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The dressing style of the twins is also poles apart. We have always seen Kalindi in pastel-coloured salwar-kameez with very minimal makeup. She always dresses very modestly as taught by her adoptive parents. Chandni meanwhile, is the other extreme of the line. She wears crop tops, leather pants and boots. She also adorns very bold makeup and a lot of accessories. Her styling is in sync with her feisty persona.

It will be interesting to see if these different characteristics will affect the storyline in the future and how Angad (played by Pearl V Puri) will react to Chandni’s existence once their paths cross.

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