Bollywood Throwback: When Johnny Lever’s Jokes Cracked Up Shah Rukh Khan And The Entire Team Of Dilwale

A video from 2015, of a press conference with the team of the film Dilwale, shows Jonny Lever cracking jokes on the spot, making the whole team go ROFL.

Vatsal Thakore

March 31, 2021

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Actor Johnny Lever is considered to be one of the best and the most genius comic artists of Bollywood. He has been a great actor since the late ‘80s and still continues to be so. In 2015, he had starred in the Rohit Shetty directorial, Dilwale, and when along with the entire team of the film, he was in a press conference, one of his on-the-spot comic punch, cracked up everyone present there, including Shah Rukh Khan. Read on to know what was the punch he delivered.

Watch the whole video about the incident here:


When the whole team of the film Dilwale was in a press conference, one of the journalists stood up to ask Johnny Lever a question. He initially introduced himself, saying, “Sir, I am Ramesh Rao from Blockbuster magazine.” To this, actor Johnny Lever had an instant reaction, and addressing the misheard words in the question, he said, “Kaun mar gaya?!”

As soon as he said this, the entire team of Dilwale started laughing. The reporter who had asked the question also took it sportingly, and said, “Sir, main zinda hoon abhi.” Johnny Lever yet again gave a funny reply, and said, “Mubarak, mubarak!” The Dilwale team once again started laughing at this response. Actor Shah Rukh Khan’s face could be seen turning red from his laughter.

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The reporter then proceeded to praise Johnny Lever on his comic timings and his punches and spoke about the times he has shared screen space with Shah Rukh Khan in films like Baazigar, Baadshah, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Yess Boss and many others. He asked Johnny Lever how he brings such great comedic moments in all his roles, and this gave the genius actor another chance to crack a joke. He answered, “I have a capsule for it every morning,” sending everyone in a fit of laughter… once again. He also answered the question in all seriousness, later, and said, “I feel that life is short so we should live it with fun and laughter.”

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