21 Years of Baadshah: 5 Scenes That Prove This Is Shah Rukh Khan’s Best Comedy Film From the 90s

These scenes show why Baadshah, starring Shah Rukh Khan and directed by Abbas Mastan, is one of Bollywoods most-rewatchable films.

Kenneth Carneiro

August 27, 2020


1 min


Baadshah completes 21 years today but it is still an evergreen film that you love to re-watch. There are some classic scenes like the ‘left glass-right glass’ debate which is still unsolved or the style of cracking walnuts on a glass mirror which many have tried unsuccessfully. The film has everything to make a blockbuster film with action, comedy, suspense and melodious songs to accompany it. This Abbas-Mastan film is the only time Shah Rukh Khan and Twinkle Khanna co-starred in a film and it was in the making for seven years.

Here are five scenes that make the film worth re-watching today.

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