Blessy Kurien’s Character Nandana Returns To Chembarathi After A Long Break

Aravind and Nandana continue to fight on the Malayalam serial Chembarathi. Here are some of the most intense moments from Blessy Kurien’s return on the show!

Tom Francis

August 4, 2020


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Aravind’s (Prabhin) wife Nandana (Blessy Kurien) has played an important part in the story development of the Malayalam serial Chembarathi. She was a part of Vilasini’s crooked plans against Kalyani and Anand which led to her faulty relationship with Aravind. The couple started hating each other when Nandana lashed out at Akhilandeshwari (Thara Kalyan).

Nandana came back to the storyline with her mother Maheshwari to further plan against Thrichambarath. As Maheshwari’s plans continued to fail, Nandana left for her teaching career in Bangalore.

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During last week’s episodes of Chembarathi, Nandana aka Blessy Kurien made a dramatic entry on Chembarathi and gave us some of the most intense moments. We have listed down a few of them for you.

Priyanka Sets A Trap For Nandana

Nandana returns to C
Nandana returns to Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Nandana figures out that the situation at Thrichambarath has changed drastically and tries to find her place amongst the chaos. She falls prey to one of Priyanka’s moves against Kalyani. Nandana suspects Aravind of having an affair as a woman named Shyama calls on his phone. Aravind loses his temper and storms out of the room when Nandana asks him to explain about the call.

Nandana Threatens To Kill Herself

Nandana threatens to kill herself (source:ZEE5)
Nandana threatens to kill herself (Source: ZEE5)

Nandana tells Aravind that she is going to kill herself if he is planning on keeping her in the dark. As Aravind storms out of the room, Nandana asks Kalyani to bring her a glass of milk. She also takes sleeping pills with the milk to end her own life. Kalyani finds something odd when Aravind walks out of the house. When she goes to check on Nandana, she finds the latter in an unconscious state.

Anand And Kalyani Save Nandana’s Life

Nandana takes the pills to commit suicide (source:ZEE5)
Nandana takes the pills to commit suicide (Source: ZEE5)

Kalyani is quick to call Anand to save Nandana from committing suicide. They take Nandana to the hospital without informing anyone and save her life. Nandana comes back from the hospital with Kalyani and Anand. Vilasini and Jayanthi try to find out what happened to Nandana, As Aravind learns about the incident, he tries to console Nandana. Will Aravind apologise to Nandana for his behaviour? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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