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‘Bicchoo Ka Khel’ Teaser Raises Curiosity As It Gives A Peek Into Divyendu’s Cunning Personality

Nikhil Pandey

October 28, 2020

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Bicchoo Ka Khel is an upcoming series that will premiere on ZEE5 and Alt Balaji on November 18, 2020. Read details about the series here.

TV series Bicchoo Ka Khel‘s first teaser was released on ZEE5’s official social media handle on Friday, October 23, 2020. The two-minute-long teaser introduces the protagonist through the lens of the central characters of the series. The series, starring Divyendu Sharma and Anshul Chauhan in the lead, is an action-thriller set in the heartland of India. The ZEE5 and ALT Balaji series is all set to premiere on Diwali 2020.

Here’s a peek into Bicchoo Ka Khel’s first teaser:

Bicchoo Ka Khel’s teaser starts with Mukul Chadda revealing the unique personality traits of Bicchoo, the protagonist, who interestingly is his son. Mukul’s character attributes Bicchoo as dashing and cunning. Soon after, other central characters of the series attribute Bicchoo as charming, smart, bold, and gutsy. Bicchoo’s sketch is unveiled as the teaser ends. The sketch resembles that of Divyendu Sharma.

Bicchoo Ka Khel narrates the tale of Akhil aka Bicchoo, a street-smart youngster, who is a prime suspect in an investigation. Akhil, who was pursuing law, gets entangled in the murder investigation after he shoots people who troubled his father.  The investigation that starts with murder gets trickier with each passing day. Divyendu Sharma, who essays the titular role of Akhil in the series has shades of grey in his characters. Meanwhile, Mukul Chadda and Anshul Chauhan play the role of Bicchoo’s father and love interest respectively.

Bicchoo Ka Khel is written by Gibran Noorani and is an action-thriller set in Banaras, Varanasi. Actors like Abhinav Anand, Gagan Anand, Mukul Chadda, Trishna Mukherjee, among others, feature in it in prominent roles. Bicchoo Ka Khel is all set to premiere on Zee5 on November 18, 2020.

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