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April 2021 ZEE5 Line-up: His Story, Main Hero Boll Raha Hu And Other Shows That Will Make This Month #EntertainmentKaSixer

Vatsal Thakore

April 1, 2021

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Read about the exciting content line-up of ZEE5 for the month of April, and the cast of the three ZEE5 originals discuss why they are excited about their upcoming releases.

April is almost here, and ZEE5 has announced its content line-up for the month. After giving us some great and groundbreaking content in March that were #BreakingTheBarriers, the content of April will hit the boundaries with its #EntertainmentKaSixer. From some exceptional premium films to a wide range of shows, take a look at the content line-up of ZEE5, for the month of April. Also, some of the stars of the April releases – Main Hero Boll Raha Hu, His Story, and the film Raat Baaki Hai – have shared a bit about their content in this special interaction during the launch. 

The first content to release on ZEE5, is the exclusive Telugu film, Sita On The Road, which will premiere on the platform on April 3. On the same day, an Odia TV reality show, called Rajo Queen 10, will also be premiering. Next, on April 5, an Odia fiction show, Kuni Bhoota will also begin premiering. A Punjabi TV reality show, called Superstar Nuh, will also premiere on April 5.

Next, on April 14, a Tamil ZEE5 Original film, called Mathil, will be premiering. The film stars KS Ravikumar, Mime Gopi, Kathadi Ramamurthy, and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan. Another ZEE5 Original film, Raat Baaki Hai, will premiere on the platform on April 16. It is a Hindi film, which stars Annup Sonii, Rahul Dev, Paoli Dam, Rahul Dev and Dipannita Sharma in prominent roles.


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From the cast of Raat Baaki Hai, actors Rahul Dev, Dipannita Sharma, and Annup Soni had joined the live stream and talked about their characters and the film. Raat Baaki Hai is a murder mystery film, that revolves around the story of a writer, Kartik (Annup Sonii), who is framed for his wife’s murder. In the film, Rahul Dev plays the role of Ahlawat, the cop who is investigating the murder. About his character, Rahul Dev said, “Ahlawat is a cop who happens to be on the scene of the crime for certain reasons. He is a don’t-mess-with-me kind of a guy, and is a competent cop.”

Dipannita Sharma, who plays the role of Vinita, Kartik’s wife, also talked about her role. She said, “Everything (in the film) happens because of my character and the whole story is like an onion where there are peels coming off.”

Annup Sonii, had starred in the play Ballygunge, from which the film has been adapted. He will be seen in the same role as that of in the play. He says, “It’s a one-night thriller, with a lot of suspense and drama. The basic plot of the play is kept intact in the film but there is also a lot of change. In the play, we had only two characters. When we wanted to convert this to a movie, we needed to create more visuals and our writer, Siddharth, has done a good job with it. I am playing Kartik, who is a guy from a small town, and aspires to be a film writer, and has even achieved the status of being a good writer but at the crucial point of his life, he lands in a situation where he becomes helpless. Kartik is not in a commanding position in this film, which is different from the characters I have played before, so I enjoyed playing him.”

Next, on April 17, a Punjabi TV chat show will be premiering, titled Jazba. On April 18, the Malayalam singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs will be premiering.

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On April 20, a Hindi ZEE5 exclusive series, titled Main Hero Boll Raha Hu, will be premiering on the platform. The show stars Parth Samthaan, Patralekha and Arslan Goni in the lead roles and revolves around the story of a gangster, who aims to make it big as a film financier in Bollywood. From the show, actors Parth Samthaan and Arslan Goni had joined the live stream, and talked about their characters and the show. They talked about how the show is based on the time when the underworld was overtaking Bombay and the story of how the mafia was all over and were a threat to everyone.


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Parth Samthaan, who plays the character of Nawaab in the show, said, “This is a nice and interesting story about how Nawaab is a gangster and meets a lot of characters in his journey and then joins Bollywood.” When asked about playing a bad boy and why the character would attract a lot of audience, Parth said, “To be honest, we always look up to people who have a killer swag and attitude and we aim to achieve that sort of style.”

Arslan Goni, who plays the character of Lala, also talked about the show. He said, “This is a show based on the ‘90s underworld, and after a long time you will see something like the ‘90s cinema.” About the characters they all are portraying, Arslan said, “During (the show’s) research, we found that the characters we are playing were so flamboyant and it is hard to believe that someone today would behave like that.”


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Arslan also gave his input about playing the bad guys, and said, “ In the ‘90s, we looked up to the stars like Sanjay Dutt, Suneil Shetty, SRK, and we felt like becoming the characters they were playing. For example, when Khalnayak came out, everyone was impressed by the bad guy. So this show too, is full of bad guys and the best guy in the show is also a bad guy. And it also has a different ‘macho’ kind of bromance.” Both the actors said that they are also excited about the show because it is their first OTT content.

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Next in the content line-up of April, is another Hindi ZEE5 exclusive series, titled His Story, which premiers on 25 April. The show stars Satyadeep Misra, Priyamani and Mrinal Dutt in the lead roles, who had also joined the live stream.

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Satyadeep Misra talked about the show, and said, “The story is set in Bombay, and it is a story about a family, where the couple have been together for years and also have teenage children. But then the husband’s infidelity comes into picture, and he is in a relationship with another man, and that breaks the family. The series shows the perspective of three people in the show, and how they react to everything that is going on.”

Mrinal Dutt, sharing a bit about his character, said, “My character has a full fledged family and is in love with Satyadeep’s character and there are repercussions of that, on his family and kids. The series also shows how everyone deals with society. It’s a brave story.”

Priyamani while talking about her character, said “A lot of women will identify with my character, who is happily married and then one incident changes her life completely. People will understand what it is all about. The show will definitely capture the audience’s attention, because it’s not your regular run-in-the-mill story.”

Next, there is a Marathi TV fiction show, titled 100 Days, which will premiere on April 26. On April 29, the Marathi singing reality show, Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs will also begin premiering.

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A Hindi TV fiction show, Lakshmi Bhagya, is also going to begin in April. Amader Ei Poth Jadi Na Sesh Hoy, a Bangla TV fiction show, will also be premiering in April. A Bangla dance reality show, Dance Bangla Dance, will also be coming in April.

Two Kannada TV fiction shows, Hitler Kalyana and Puttakkana Makkalu will also begin airing in April. A Malayalam TV fiction show, titled Mrs Hitler, Tamil TV fiction show Chithiram Pesuthadi, and a Telugu reality show, Drama Juniors, will also be hitting the screens in April.

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