Apna Time Bhi Aayega: Will Rani’s Quest To Find The Real Culprit Create A Rift Between Veer And Her?

If you thought Rani Sa would go behind the bars and #RanVeer will be happy together, you might be mistaken. The real culprit being exposed might just break them apart.

Shrudi Shyam

March 24, 2021



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Rani from Apna Time Bhi Aayega has always been a headstrong woman. She fiercely protects the ones she loves. And a great example of that is what we witnessed in the recent episodes. The recent maha episode of the show featured a determined Rani crossing all lines of sanity to save her beloved “Doctor Saab”. Although she saved Veer for the time being and got him out of jail, he might still face the heat if the real culprit isn’t found.

Check out what’s happening on Apna Time Bhi Aayega:

Rani saved Veer from getting punished for the crime he never did. But her happiness was shortlived when the judge made his statement. He ordered the next date of hearing to be one day after Holi which is March 30, 2021. He also added that Veer will have to face the punishment unless the real culprit is found or concrete proof is produced deeming Veer innocent. Now Rani is a woman on a mission, with her sole focus being on finding the real culprit.

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Veer and Rani
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Although any man would be happy to see his wife fight for him, Veer is conflicted on how to react to Rani’s actions. On one hand, he’s overwhelmed to see her efforts to save him. Whereas, on the other hand, he doesn’t want the real culprit’s name to come out.

Rani Sa and Vikram
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All this while we thought it is Rani Sa who might’ve been the real culprit, but according to the recent promo, it seems like the one responsible for all this debacle is none other than Vikram. And if this is true then no wonder why Veer was ready to take the blame. It was all for his beloved younger brother.

Veer and Rani Sa
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We also saw Veer promising Rani Sa that he will go to any lengths to prevent the name of the real culprit from being revealed. Now even if it was Rani Sa herself, Veer would’ve done the same. But now that he knows that it’s Vikram, he will surpass all limits to keep this a secret.

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Vikram and Rani
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Vikram has always been a very positive character. A dotting brother, a caring brother-in-law, that how we’ve seen him so far. He even fought Veer’s case which means that he probably doesn’t even remember committing the crime himself. In fact, he and Rani both fought tooth and nail to make sure Veer comes back safe. Hence, it would also be difficult for Rani to turn him in.

Veer and Rani
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Veer looked heartbroken when Rani said she has proofs against the real culprit. Meanwhile, Rani looked determined to bring out the truth. Now amid his promise to Rani Sa and his dedication towards Vikram, if Rani chooses to oust Vikram in front of the court, Veer and her bond might get strained forever. He may never forgive Rani for sending his brother behind bars and may even decide to cut off ties and end their marriage.

To know how their story progresses, watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega on ZEE5.

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