Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Will Suraj foil Rani’s plan?

Will Suraj foil Rani’s plan? To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode, an old palace worker recognises Rani and thanks her for helping him get his job back. Rani thinks that her cover is blown before Vijaya, but Vijaya is engrossed in a phone call and misses Rani’s exchange with the servant. Later, Rani shows the video of the disputed land to Vijaya, who is excited to acquire it. Vijaya falls for Rani’s trap and tells her to fix her meeting with the landowners. Upon getting calls from Veer, Rani goes to leave, but Suraj stops her and compels her to stay for his party. Rani makes excuses, but Vijaya and Suraj coerce her to stay back. Nandini’s humiliation continues at the hands of Champa, who repeatedly puts her down before Jaisingh. Meanwhile, Rani lies to Veer about being at the market, while Suraj displays excitement to party with Rani. Rani arrives home to placate an anxious Veer by hoodwinking Suraj and Vijaya. However, she soon leaves after making an excuse to Veer. Later, Suraj is left mesmerised at the sight of Rani in a saree.

In the latest episode, in front of Suraj’s guests, Rani suggests a game of musical chairs. As Veer is waiting for her, Rani plans to lose at the game and leave Suraj’s house. While Veer repeatedly calls Rani, Rani gets engrossed in the game. Later, Veer looks for Rani at the market, and is left perplexed when she is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Rani executes her plan and fakes disappointment upon losing at the game. However, Suraj throws a wrench in Rani’s plan. Will Rani manage to fool Suraj and leave? Will Veer discover that Rani has once again lied to him?

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