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Aparajita Apu: Apu’s father represents that one patriarchal man we all have come across

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December 20, 2020

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While Aparajita Apu’s Apu fights against societal gender bias, here is a look at her own patriarchal father she has to constantly battle.

The new television show Aparajita Apu stars Susmita Dey as Apu and Rohaan Bhattacharjee as Dipyamaan in lead roles. The show follows the journey of Apu’s life as she strives to be an independent woman who does not stand any form of gender bias. Although Apu is determined to break gender stereotypes, she faces several hurdles in the process, even from her own father. He is a classic example of the patriarchal men we all meet from time to time.

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We have all met men with the most patriarchal belief systems and Apu’s father fits that description exceptionally well. Although he does care about his daughters, he does not believe in their capabilities to match that of a man’s. He also agrees to many other wrongful practices in life. When a member of his elder daughter’s to-be-in-laws asks for a larger sum as dowry, he easily agrees to pay it. He also agrees to keep the matter a secret when he is asked to, in order to not risk his daughter’s life at her husband’s house.

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In the initial episodes, Apu’s father was seen scolding her furiously when she tried to expose some gamblers on a deserted road. Although her intent was to smoothen the arrival of her sister’s in-laws on the wedding day, her father did not consider she was the one to attempt it. He slapped her in front of others and told her that it was not her job to do such things as she was a girl. In fact, he clearly told her that he does not believe that a woman can ever do all the things that a male counterpart can. He even mentioned that a woman or a girl should only stay in her own limits and never try to cross it.

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Prior to the incident, Apu’s father was also seen telling her mother that Apu should not have joined the coaching classes so far away. He backed it up saying that there was really no use of such education anyway as she too would have to end up as a housewife. Apu’s father holds the belief that women belong inside the house and are only supposed to serve their family’s needs. People of such patriarchal beliefs surround each one of us in this world.

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Aparajita Apu
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In a flashback sequence, Apu’s father was also seen hitting Apu when she was a child. He was furious that she had left the house to steal mangoes with a few of her male friends against his will. He reminded her of his teachings about why a girl cannot do all the things a boy can. Apu’s father even went to the extent of hitting her with a burning wooden stick on her feet in order to punish her.

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