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Ahead Of Broken But Beautiful Season 3, Here’s A Look At All The ‘Broken’ Hearts That We Witnessed On The Show

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January 3, 2021

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As the third instalment of Broken But Beautiful is fast approaching, let’s have a recap of all the different kinds of broken hearts we have witnessed in the series so far.

ZEE5’s series Broken But Beautiful was undoubtedly a visual representation of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of precious scars. If you don’t know what it is, let us tell you this art is an attempt to establish that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride. This practice highlights and enhances the beauty of a  broken object. Is our heart any different from this? Every individual has experienced heartbreak once in their life. Similarly, a handful of characters in Broken But beautiful have experienced different kinds of heartbreaks. As season three of Broken But Beautiful is fast approaching, we take a recap of all the different kinds of heartbreak we have witnessed on the show.

Sameera struggling with the reality

In the first few episodes of the season one, I saw Sameera struggling to accept that Kartik has moved on from their break up. She often used the word, psycho ex – to refer herself in Kartik’s life. Also when she starts having feelings for Veer, she decides to step back to give herself some time to get over her past.












Veer living in past memories

As we know that Sameera turned out to be the silver lining in Veer’s dark cloud filled with Alina’s memory. It was difficult for Veer to move on considering Alina was his wife. The duo was planning for their future. But everything went for a toss and, later, Veer was unable to imagine a world without Alina.












Ananya realising Kartik’s unstable stand

Kartik started feeling jealous when Sameera was finally getting along with Veer. Meanwhile, Ananya also realised how Sameera’s happiness was indirectly affecting hers.

Kartik’s heartbreak

Although he was quite sure that he doesn’t love Sameera anymore, her budding relationship with Veer makes him unstable. And their romance was ultimately affecting his bond with Ananya, the woman for whom she left Sameera. He was unable to process all his emotions.












Debbie and Ahan’s Heartbreak

Debbie, who wanted to get pregnant with Veer’s child, and Ahan, who got married to Sameera, learned that their partners don’t love them anymore. For me, Debbie emerged as a strong woman after her break up with Veer. But what happened with Ahan was always worrying. The lead pair ended up together eventually but what about Ahan? How did he manage to handle himself after Sameera left him within 24 hours of their marriage?


To know about Agastya and Rumi’s love story, keep watching our space on ZEE5!

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