Aggabai Sunbai: Why We All Need A Good-hearted Family Man Like Abhijit Raje!

Not just the Kulkarnis from Aggabai Sunbai, but everyone needs a good-hearted family man like Abhijit Raje. Here’s why!

Aboli Vaze

April 8, 2021



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It has not been a very long time since Aggabai Sunbai began but we are already loving this show. The storyline of the family drama is so intriguing that it leaves the fans glued to their seats. Fans love all the characters on the show, especially chef-turned-homemaker Abhijit Raje. He is a true family man and the Kulkarnis are really lucky to have him. We think not just the Kulkarnis, but everyone needs a good-hearted family man like Abhijit Raje. Here’s why!

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1. Abhijit cares for his family a lot

Nobody cares for his family as Abhijit Raje does. Despite living with his in-laws and having a step-son, Abhijit treats everyone like his own people and loves them unconditionally. Just recently, he suspected Soham of having an affair and swore to protect Shubhra from him at all costs.

2. Abhijit values family more than wealth

When Abhijit was asked to give up his wealth in order to be with Asawari, he gave it up all in a heartbeat. He did not care about his business and the fortune and all he wanted was to be with Asawari. We have seen other characters from the show who turned against their family for money, but Abhijit is not one of them.

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3. Abhijit is the ‘fun person’ in his family

Apart from being loving and caring, he brings in the ‘fun element’ to the house. Asawari is busy with work, Soham is busy with his shady activities, Ajoba is old and Shubhra is always worried about everything. It is only Abhijit who lightens up the atmosphere of his home and brings in a bit of fun.

4. Abhijit is the glue that holds everyone together

Many years back, The Kulkarni family would have never reunited if it weren’t for Abhijit. Even now, he continues to be the glue that holds everyone together. Whenever there is a quarrel in his family, Abhijit interferes to resolve their issues. He tries not to side with anyone and strives to find a solution that would help everyone.

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5. Abhijit can sacrifice anything for his family

Abhijit is very selfless when it comes to his family. He had sacrificed his house, career, wealth and a lot more just to be Asawari. In fact, he even sacrificed his relationship with Asawari for the sake of her family. That is just how he is, he always places his family above everything else.

There are countless more reasons why we need someone like Abhijit in our life but these were the top five. Have you got more reasons?

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