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Adhirindi Episode 21: Rowdy Boys go for political jokes, Chandra brings a new character, Gully Boyz level up again

Sneha Bale

August 15, 2020

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In this week’s episode of Adhirindi, the gangs take their skits to a whole new level. You are sure to enjoy this episode through and through. Watch the promo here.

Previously in the comedy-show Adhirindi, Jani Master joins Gully Boyz as Gabbar Singh, Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Hari and Yadamma Raju give us a taste of comedy in its saintliest avatar. Chandra lets go of his marital dramedy for a more topical concern. Venu pretends to be a bachelor, aspiring to live a life as good as Navdeep, and tries to inspire his fellow bachelor friends too. Dhanraj turns into a holy man, with not-so-holy intentions in a grand meeting. Popular actor Chithram Sreenu joins the gang for an additional dose of laughter.

Watch the promo here:

Gully Boyz take the level of comedy a few notches higher with the newest skit. Saddam turns into the god of death, Yamaraja with a sassy Chitragupta, whose hat is too huge for him to handle. They weave comedy into a conversation around death and make it fully entertaining. Rowdy Boys use their old format and bring out new punches. This time, they take a leap to political jokes along with a special mention to the filmmaker who has been making rounds for his infamous work.

Rowdy Boys in Adhirindi Episode 20
Rowdy Boys in Adhirindi Episode 20 (Source: ZEE5)

Chandra has been feeling experimental lately and he has come up something new. This time, Chandra is a woman with a weird problem of winking, especially at her widowed father-in-law. How will the society perceive this?

Chandra Challengers in Adhirindi Episode 20
Chandra Challengers in Adhirindi Episode 20 (Source: ZEE5)

How has your work from home been? Because Venu is here to give you a glimpse of how his work from home has been. And it seems like the poor married man has been having a tough time. Should he ask for privacy during work hours or make time for kids and household chores?

Venu Warriors in Adhirindi Episode 20
Venu Warriors in Adhirindi Episode 20 (Source: ZEE5)

Lastly, we have Dhanraj blasters with his new friend, Chithram Sreenu. Once again, Dhanraj is a doctor trying to fix everything with his comic punches. We must say, his punches have the puns to keep you giggling long after the time is over.

Dhanraj Blaster in Adhirindi Episode 20
Dhanraj Blaster in Adhirindi Episode 20 (Source: ZEE5)

Watch all of this and more comedy in Adhirindi, with Naga Babu and Navdeep, on ZEE5. Enjoy it a day before its TV release with ZEE5’s Club Pack.

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