Adhirindi Episode 16: Venu Roasts Chandra, Dhanraj And Gully Boyz Make The Show PG-13

In this episode, the comedians go all out with their humour and roasting skills. Gangs take a dig at Navdeep, Ravi, Bhanu in this PG-13 episode.

Sneha Bale

July 18, 2020


3 min


After revisiting the old episodes all throughout the lockdown, Adhirindi graced our TV screens once again. The show moves into its third week since the unlock, and the promo for episode 16 is here. Last week, Venu Warriors laughed at Navdeep’s popularity amongst ladies, and Rowdy Boys took his reputation for the same further. Chandra told us the tragedy of his wedding in a Pelli Choopulu whereas Dhanraj and RP rounded up the episode with a combined skit.

Watch the promo here:

Ravi and Bhanu open the episode with their exciting dance performance. It was an unlikely event where the two hosts also coordinated their red outfits.

Anchor Ravi and Bhanu in Adhirindi Episode 16
Anchor Ravi and Bhanu in Adhirindi Episode 16 (Source: Facebook)

Chandra starts the evening with his act, where he plays an older man. His concern seems to be around only one problem – how were people living without a companion. Without saying much, his “yela mari” makes every punch hilarious. Not to forget, he tries to take a dig a Navdeep, but Navdeep’s answers make him laugh during the skit.

Chandra in Adhirindi Episode 16
Chandra laughs after listening to Navdeep’s answers in Adhirindi Episode 16 (Source: Facebook)

Rowdy Boys make Yadamma Raju turn into a girl once again. Their comedy of confusion sets the ball rolling and takes you to a new high altogether.

Rowdy Boys in Adhirindi Episode 16
Rowdy Boys turn Yadamma Raju into a girl in Adhirindi Episode 16 (Source: Facebook)

Dhanraj returns home and straight away goes into self-quarantine for 14-long days. He mocks the shady bunker room given to him, and another popular comedian says, “if the man who lives in the White House can go into a bunker, why can’t you?”

Dhanraj Blasters in Adhirindi Episode 16
Dhanraj Blasters in Adhirindi Episode 16 (Source: Facebook)

Last and definitely not the least, we have Gully Boyz. This time around, Saddam and Bhaskar take the center stage to entertain us. In the chilled mode and with causal dialogues, their jokes might be inappropriate for few but are funny.

Gully Boyz in Adhirindi Episode 16
Gully Boyz entertain the audience in Adhirindi Episode 16 (Source: Facebook)

Watch the full episode on July 19, 2020. Watch the previous episodes here and do not forget to check out all the updates here.

You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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