Actor Rohit Bose Roy Reflects On A Time When Director Anurag Basu Had Trolled Him And What Made The Actor Take The Back Seat In His Career

As actor Rohit Bose Roy dons the director hat, he recollects how director Anurag Basu’s comment shocked him a couple of years ago and opens up about how his Swabhimaan success took over his head giving him a backseat in his career


September 30, 2021


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Rohit Bose Roy is all set to don the director’s hat with his musical which will be on floors soon however the actor reconnects to a time when Anurag Basu had trolled him a couple of years ago.

Rohit says that many years ago, Rohit had asked Anurag Basu why he didn’t cast him in his films, and he had joked, ‘People watch you for free on television, why would they pay money to watch you in a film in theatres?’ That was quite a shocker, but I understood his viewpoint.



Having said that, Rohit is one of those few actors who has continued doing films and television simultaneously. Now, lines are blurring, and you can bag great projects in both the mediums and web shows are an added blessing. Secondly, he would not blame anyone for his films not doing well at the box office or not bagging interesting projects, because after he did Swabhimaan (TV show), success had gone to his head. He only started working hard in the last decade. When he did Swabhimaan, he was spoken about as the next big star, he felt he would be the next Shah Rukh Khan. So, if his career took a backseat for few years, it is because of his own assumptions and allowing success to go to my head. He was a very bad actor and never took work seriously. If he had put in the kind of effort other successful actors put in many years ago, he would have been somewhere else. Rohit is happy that I am now getting to do interesting work in OTT and films. Maybe, he’s one of those few actors who has survived it and doing good work for the last 25 years.

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Well, it’s been a roller coaster for Rohit but seems like he’s all set to be back in the game and be on track with his work.

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