Action Packed ‘Apharan Season 2’ coming soon?

If social media is to be believed the upcoming action-packed ‘Apharan Season 2’ will soon be aired


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The Arunoday Singh , Mahie Gill and Nidhi Singh starrer Apharan season 1 fans have been on the edge of their seats ever since they’ve watched all 12 episodes of it. Their wait was given a relief after the producer of the show Ekta Kapoor shared a post on social media regarding the release of the second season.

The Season 1 of Apharan won the best web series, director, writer and actor awards while being nominated for the best debut and actress awards at the December edition of the 2018 Streaming Awards. And now it looks like soon the second season of the series will be launched.

Sharing the trailer of Apharan Season 1 on an Instagram post in March last year, producer Ekta Kapoor had hinted that her most successful show needed to move into shoot mode for season two. Mentioning #ApharanSabkaKatega in the post, she asked fans to channelize their 70s Bachchan. As the end of Apharan Season 1 trailer suggests, certain references to 70s pop culture could be a bonus.

The 70s themed Season 1 would be complemented by Season 2 with a blend of powerful dialogue delivery and hints of profanity. A thrilling mix of action, stunts, gunfights and tinge of comedy wrapped in a typical Bollywood fashioned cinematography is to be expected. Taking a clue from the first season, one should expect not to watch it with family.

The fans of Apharan since its airing have been sharing dialogues as memes and comments. Perhaps one should expect better dialogues in the upcoming Apharan Season 2 so that social media can once again lit up. The binging shall begin soon. Stay tuned!

As per various claims on Instagram, when you put a #apharan search, it shows the wrapping up of the shooting stage. Looks like, post production has begun earlier and shall be released when the work’s all done.

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