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7 ZEE5 Originals Like The Married Woman That Ditched The Concept Of Typical Love Stories!

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April 16, 2021

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From the critically acclaimed The Married Woman to the upcoming release His Storyy, a look at few ZEE5 originals that are breaking the principles of a typical romance. Check out the list.

Though we enjoy watching high-octane action dramas, sometimes it’s interesting to watch a swoony romance story. And over the years, there have been an array of romantic stories that have entertained us thoroughly. Whether you admire a slow-paced love story or the one with electrifying moments, we often root for a good romantic dose of fiction. While many films portray the typical boy-meet-girl story, the others always surprise us with interesting and bold takes. And ZEE5 has been at the forefront when it comes to delivering remarkable modern-age romantic dramas.

ZEE5’s quality-oriented shows and movies have redefined the genre of romance, and we love it! With lifelike characters and interesting storylines, these new-age dramas have essayed some relevant themes. From self-worth, insecurities of love to homophobia, the exciting stories on ZEE5 have been a great pick for the viewers obsessed with the genre of romance. And we have shortlisted the best of these intriguing love stories for you.

So, here’s taking a look at 7 ZEE5 originals that ditched the concept of typical love stories.

The Married Woman

Source: ZEE5

The Married Woman became one of the most appreciated releases of OTT this year. Inspired by Manju Kapur’s novel of the same name, the show perfectly captured the life of a young married woman bound by her societal role. This intense character-driven saga follows the story of Astha as she discovers the real meaning of love while realizing her self-worth.

The Married Woman unfolds as an adventurous yet realistic journey of Astha. The show builds external conflict set amidst the 1992 riots and the internal one being Astha’s dilemma. Her love for Peeplika is not laden with over-the-top expressions instead it evolves throughout this episodic saga. Love welcomes a new change in Astha which becomes the crux of the story.


Source: ZEE5

Priyadarshan’s directorial Anamika is a short yet intriguing episode from Forbidden Love which is a perfect romantic thriller. The story revolves around a housewife Anamika who lives a mundane life with her husband and kids. However, life gives her a second chance as she seeks true love in a young college student Ishaan. 

Though it unfolds as a suspense-driven thriller, the aspect of romance in Anamika is charming and full of surprises. And her love for Ishaan brings alive her other side which she herself was unaware of! And as we are talking of atypical love stories, Anamika’s ‘not-so-happy’ ending will leave you with an unexpected surprise.

The Arranged Marriage

Source: ZEE5

Another interesting segment from Forbidden Love is The Arranged Marriage. Featuring Ali Fazal, Omkar Kapoor, and Patralekha in the lead, The Arranged Marriage revolves around the absurdity of a love triangle. Neel and Dev are madly in love with each other however their relationship is restricted due to societal homophobia. Further, Neel gets married to Keya and continues on his affair with Dev.

Getting aware of it, Keya decides to treat her husband’s homosexuality and thus chaos ensues. The Arranged Marriage has a metaphorical take on same-sex love. It portrays how ‘nature-driven traits can’t be shaped or moulded. The climax of the story leaves a lasting impression on the viewers.

His Storyy

Source: ZEE5

ZEE5’s upcoming show His Storyy has gotten everyone excited. This show promises to treat the audience with an interesting take on societal homophobia. Probably it would be the first time, that the story of homosexuality will be explored through different perspectives. The story revolves around the crumbling marriage of Kunal and Sakshi as the latter realizes her husband’s homosexuality.

While there have been many such stories, His Storyy will treat us with different aspects of how society reacts to same-sex love.

Dev DD 2

Source: ZEE5

Portraying the modern complications of love and relationships, Dev DD 2 follows the story of Devika whose journey is inspiring as well as entertaining. While Devika seeks her ‘perfect love’, she also has to deal with the double standards of society. And well, she does it quite boldly! Through each of her romantic relationships, Devika evolves as a mature persona.

And unlike the typical romance stories, the reunion of lovers is not what makes for a happy ending here. It’s when Devika realizes her self-worth and the importance of her loved ones, she becomes a humanised character. And that’s how the adventurous saga of Devika concludes. The show makes a strong commentary on different social issues including gender roles, homophobia, etc.

Black Widows

Source: ZEE5

Black Widows is another ZEE5 show which garnered rave reviews from critics as well as the viewers. The show revolved around three women who deal with their abusive marriages. While the story lives upon this relevant theme, it gives us an interesting take on a ‘second chance’ in life.

After getting over the death of her husband, Veera seeks love in Eddie. And this interesting aspect of the show becomes another highlight of Black Widows.

Dark 7 White

Source: ZEE5

Dark 7 White is more of a crime whodunnit. And it not only is relevant due to its political theme but also due to its realistic portrayal of society’s discrimination towards same-sex love. There’s a subplot in the story where Yudhveer Singh secretly records an intimate video between Yogesh and Kush. This leads to chaos in their lives, ultimately leading them to part ways. And nothing can get as real like that!

Dark 7 White being a thrilling saga was laden with many such interesting themes. And its lifelike representation of same-sex love can’t be overlooked.

So that was the list of some ZEE5 originals that introduced the slice-of-life romance with interesting and relevant takes.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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