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From Ateet To His Storyy, Priyamani Returns To ZEE5, Exactly After One Year!

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April 14, 2021

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Exactly a year ago, actor Priyamani treated the fans with her exquisite performance in Ateet. Now, the actor is making a comeback on ZEE5’s His Storyy with her charming persona. Here’s why it is worth the wait!

In the era of character-driven stories, acting performances become a major highlight of movies/shows. While many actors remain typecast in specific roles, the others are always keen on experimenting with different roles. Actor Priyamani belongs to the latter category with a range of different on-screen characters.  Though she has been a renowned name on big screens, Priyamani’s comeback through OTT has been quite impressive. And ZEE5’s Ateet has been one of the most hailed projects of the actor. 

Priyamani played the role of Janvi, a mother whose life turns topsy-turvy when her presumably dead husband makes a return. In this suspense thriller, Priyamani’s gut-wrenching performance became the soul of the story. While the actor’s performance still remains to be one of her noteworthy acts, the fans are now eager for her upcoming release His Storyy. Yes! The ZEE5 original show features Priyamani in another pivotal role and fans are already in for a ride.

So, ahead of the show’s release, here are few reasons to root for Priyamani’s character of Sakshi in His Storyy.

Amidst A Troubled Marriage!

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His Storyy revolves around a seemingly happy married couple Kunal and Sakshi. Their love life crumbles as a secret surfaces over the plot and thus problems ensue. The show further explores the lives of Kunal and Sakshi as they deal with the dilemma of their lives. His Storyy explores more as another character-driven story. If you loved Priyamani’s emotive act in Ateet, you’ll surely be excited for her performance in His Storyy.

Through the show, we will see the actor taking up another challenging role in style. And this time the conflict is more personal which means ample drama.

On Track Of Two Roles

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On the similar lines of Ateet’s Janvi, Priyamani’s character of Sakshi will be a blend of two vital roles. In His Storyy, the actor will not only be playing a loving wife but also a doting mother to her children. And the show will give a great focus on Sakshi’s character as she deals with the conflicts in her life. What we have seen in Ateet was more about an outer conflict.

However, to its contrary, His Storyy will give us an insight into Sakshi’s inner trauma as she confronts her husband’s homosexuality.

New Theme, New Chaos!

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While Ateet was more of a supernatural thriller, His Storyy is based upon a relevant theme of homophobia. As seen in the trailer, Priyaman’s portrayal of Sakshi seems to be promising and substantial. Also, this themed social drama highly relies on its conflicted characters. So be ready to witness a new side of Priyamani as she has put in the best of her efforts into this fictitious character.

His Storyy will be streaming on ZEE5 from April 25th, 2021.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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