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7 Reasons why Divyendu Sharma’s Akhil Would love Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’​

Aditi Sharma

December 30, 2020

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Bicchoo Ka Khel has created a major buzz as Akhil Shrivastav’s witty dialogues and master plan entertained the audience thoroughly. Here are 7 reasons why Divyendu Sharma aka Bicchoo would love the novel And There Were None. Check out.

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a ZEE5 original starring Divyendu Sharma in the lead role. The crime mystery thriller centres around a street-smart lawyer who kills a popular lawyer in Banaras. The witty tricks and intelligence of Akhil Shrivastav make him escape the whole mess without anyone knowing what he did. Bicchoo Ka Khel has several similarities with Agatha Christie’s best-selling 1939 mystery novel And Then There Were None. The story of this novel is a twisted tale of how 10 strangers get killed on an abandoned island by a single man. Here’s a look at a few reasons why Divyendu Sharma’s Akhil would love Agatha Christie’s novel.

1.Setting up a planned trap

Akhil Shrivastav killed Anil Chaubey in front of everyone in a public event. Be it killing him or using two different bullets to confuse the police, it was all planned. Bicchoo also planned to bring down Mukesh Chaubey by making a plan with Mahendra Singh and the police. Not only these, Bicchoo’s every move was pre-planned just to make sure he unfolds the right card. In Agatha’s novel too, the plan to bring 10 strangers at an island and kill them the same way as the rhyme of ‘Ten Little Niggers’ was well-planned. Not to miss the figurines which were kept on the dining and were broken when a person was killed. The master-plan was also well-executed just like Akhil brought Rashami out by taking the police to Rajveer.

2.Plan a murder in the most interesting way possible

Akhil Shrivastav killed Anil Chaubey using a 9mm bullet but when he was standing with a gun, the bullet in the gun was 8 mm long. Everybody considered Akhil a murdered however the bullet he fired did not kill Anil Chaubey. He made it as interesting as possible for the police to know how he actually killed Anil Chaubey.

Mr Justice Wargrave also killed the people in the most interesting ways possible. The nature of the deaths corresponded with the respective lines of the rhyme which was a brilliant way to plan murders and kill people.

3. Act like a ‘victim’ to be a ‘master’

Akhil Shrivastav’s Bicchoo Ka Khel started when he was arrested and he narrated his story. He victimised himself by telling that his loved ones were affected by the elite people of Banaras for their own good. He also said that he was devastated after Babu’s death. However, Bicchoo was completely changed after he wanted to seek revenge for his father’s death. He acted like a victim but actually ruled Banaras with his game. Just like Mr Justice Wargrave who actually faked his own death to make everyone believe that the killer was someone else. He also made sure that till the end no one can make sure, he did it.

4. “Jab Sara System Hamare Khilaf Hojae, Toh Apne Haq Ke Lie Apna Hi System Banana Padta Hai”

Akhil Shrivastav investigated his own father’s murder. He followed the dots and used different tricks to find out that his father’s murder was just collateral damage to the big gamble which included power, politics and corruption. He slowly unfolded every card and revealed every face who was behind this big mystery. Be it Singh brother, Anil Chaubey or Rajveer, he fooled everyone and actually revealed the dirty secrets that they hid under the blanket of power. Police did not support Akhil but he actually helped them to find about the whole gamble.

After receiving a diagnosis of a terminal illness, Mr Justice Wargrave felt that there were criminals who escape after committing murders and therefore he decided to punish them in his own witty ways just like Akhil, he took the ‘system’ in his hand. He not only killed them but played a very interesting game to do so.

5. Never open your cards in front of anyone

Akhil did not trust anyone when he was executing his plan. Though he took the help of his friends to reach a particular point he never revealed everything about his plan to anyone. Even Rashami was unaware of several aspects of his ‘Bicchoo Ka Khel’. In the novel, Mr Justice Wargrave took the help of Dr Armstrong to fake his own death but he also killed him after his work was done.

6. Revenge is best taken when it is interesting and entertaining

Bicchoo killed Anil Chaubey in the most unexpected way. He also used the police officer in a hilarious way for his own good and later even complained about him to his senior so as to interestingly trick the police to follow him as he follows Rajveer. The most entertaining part was when he fought for Rashami in the court and made fun of the police as he brilliantly took Rashami out of jail. Not to miss, using Renu as the scapegoat to reach to Goldi was all fun and games.

Talking about entertaining revenge, Mr Justice Wargrave’s set up on an abandoned island with figurines, a recorded tape, a 10-line rhyme and also the mysterious killing was the best. Who would have thought that a rhyme could make you plan a whole murder setup. The way the strangers were brought and killed just brought whole mystery to the plot.

7. Make a move when it is least expected

Anil Chaubey never expected he would be killed by Akhil Shrivastav. Neither Mahendra Singh and Chaubey thought their plan would fail. But Akhil turned the tables as he not only busted everybody’s plan, he also stopped the Banaras redevelopment Project which was used by the politicians for their own good.

Mr Justice Wargrave also planned to kill the 10 people after he got retired. They didn’t expect it and were clueless about what was happening to them. They also never had a thought that killing each one of them was a part of justice.

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