7 GIFs From Radhe That Are Being Widely Shared By All Salman Khan Fans

Take a look at some of the best moments from the Radhe movie, that are being widely shared as GIFs by all Bhai fans.

Salman Khan’s Radhe movie has not only been creating multiple records but has also created a big internet presence, via its discussions, memes, GIFs, and pictures. Among the most viral of Radhe’s GIFs, here are seven of those. Also, read on to know about the story of those moments in the GIFs, from the film.

Walking With Swag!

This GIF of Salman Khan as Radhe bhai, walking with that swag, has probably become the most shared moments from the film. The GIF is of the scene when Radhe arrives at Dilawar’s area, fearlessly, as if he the ruler of the place and not Dilawar.

Jackie Shroff’s Anger

Encounter mein maar dunga!’ – this dialogue of Jackie Shroff’s character in Radhe, has also gone very viral. This GIF perfectly captures that scene, when his character, ACP Atharva, warns Radhe of harsh results when he suspects him of stalking his sister.

Seeti Maar Seeti Maar!

From the super hit song, Seeti Maar comes this GIF, where Salman Khan and Disha Patani are showing off their amazing dance moves. Out of all the songs from Radhe’s music album, Seeti Maar has generated the most cheer from the audience.

Rana’s Signature Line

Rana is a tyrannical drug peddler, who does not even bat an eye before murdering his enemies. Throughout the film, while displaying his psychopathic persona, Rana utters these words – “I love it!” – whenever he is about to do something evil.

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Radhe Outsmarting Rana

This another GIF where Radhe shows his swag, is from a moment that comes after Radhe outsmarts Rana. He teams up with Rana’s rivals and manages to trick him, and then reveals himself to be the mastermind, with this boss-level entry.

When Radhe First Sees Rana

This GIF, where we get to see Salman Khan in another cool look as Radhe, is from a moment that comes right after the song Dil De Diya. This is the scene where Radhe sees Rana for the first time, which explains the stern look he is giving.

The Car Stunt

The Car stunt of Radhe has been getting a lot of cheer right from when people got a glimpse of it in the trailer. In this highly electrifying action scene, we see Radhe chasing all of the escaped henchmen of Rana and hunting them down with his car.

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