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7 Best Dialogues From The Married Woman That Will Instantly Connect With You

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March 12, 2021

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Everything feels right about The Married Woman! From its characters to costumes to actors and even the dialogues. Speaking of which, let’s name some of our favourites.

The Married Woman starring Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja and Imaad Shah has a stunning screenplay and some divine performances. The writing is also very well done and the sets and costumes complement the show further. Besides a hard-hitting plot and marvellous performances, another thing that’s simply spellbinding about the show is its dialogues. Take a look at some of the best dialogues delivered in the show by its powerful star cast!

This one is said by Aijaz when he meets Astha for the first time in college. She has written the Hindi adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, and Aijaz thinks it is extremely bleak. She tells him that he is crossing the boundary with her as he is extremely honest and gets personal.

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Some of Aijaz’s words stay in Astha’s mind much after her college day has passed and she is alone to think. She begins to take a liking to his mind and the way he thinks. She is absolutely enamoured by how he sees the world.

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After Astha and Peeplika share a moment and then Astha refuses to admit her feelings for Peeplika, she shows Peeplika pieces of her past that could confirm that she is a straight woman and not a lesbian. But Peeplika tells her this:

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Astha is appalled by Peeplika’s words and actions and is tired of denying her attraction towards her. While wedding festivities continue in the Karla household, Astha and Peeplika talk in her car.

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After some back and forth, Peeplika gives her the necklace that was given to her by her late father. This makes Astha tear up and admit that Peeplika feels right to her.

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The duo then begins a relationship and slowly spend time getting to know each other. Peeplika tells Astha about her broken family and her inhibitions.

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We see them begin their romance with trust and love and it very endearing. When they go out of the station by car and Astha slowly opens up more to her, Peeplika teases her by saying this line.

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While Peeplika says this as a joke, this line is essentially the crux of Astha’s life. Who will she choose? Will she be able to go back to her old self or will she leave this life behind and start anew with Peeplika in Paris?

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