5 Reasons That Make Chhota Bheem The Favourite Cartoon Character of Kids

Chhota Bheem will compel all the kids to stay home and watch the tales of your very own Bheem. We tell you why


April 27, 2020

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Chhota Bheem, set in the kingdom of Dholakpur, revolves around Bheem, a brave nine-year-old boy who is strong and intelligent. Bheem also has a rival Kalia, who is envious of him and his popularity in Dholakpur. Here are 5 reasons why kids must watch this fun-loving show.

The Plotline

Chhota Bheem comprises multiple storylines and tales. However, every episode is a perfect mix of mystery, fun, and more importantly, life lessons that all kids can learn from Bheem’s actions.


The show has been directed in a way that will engross children who belong to every age group. The director of the series has also managed to bring out a variety of themes and morals of each story or episode through his characters and instances from small to big.


Each character other than Bheem, namely Kalia, Chutki Raju, and Jaggu are all intriguing and unique. They all have different character traits that will teach your kids some valuable qualities. While Chutki will teach children how to be a good friend, Jaggu will show them how to solve problems in the most creative way.

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Triumph Of Good Over Evil

Although there are a number of tales within the show, all the episodes highlight the theme of the triumph of good over evil. These lessons come out through Kalia who is greedy, a bully and tries to harm Bheem at any given point. However, Bheem always wins every war that Kalia initiates.

Real-Life Instances

The show becomes highly relatable for children as it takes up issues that kids will be able to relate to in the show. While it is not preachy at all, it shows them the difference between right and wrong, how to tackle crisis and so on.

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