4 Ways To Propose To Your Loved One Like Karna Is Trying To Do In Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay!

We got you these incredible ideas that you can use to pop the question to the one you love! Here’s how you can make it as special as possible.


July 22, 2020


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In the latest Zee Bangla TV serial Ki Kore Bolbo Tomaythe lead character Karna (played by Krushal Ahuja), is madly in love with the other protagonist Radhika (played by Swastika Dutta). Now although Radhika has been into her Karna Sir for quite a while, she would probably be as surprised as the next person to know that Karna harbours such tender feelings for her, given his predominantly brusque temperament! She definitely has no clue that he has been deliberating over how to express his feelings to her for days! Karna wants to make a grand gesture that will sweep her off her feet when he asks her to marry him, but he has no idea how. Here are some excellent ones to help you out if you too are in a similar dilemma!

Watch an episode of Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay below:

1. At A Fancy Candlelit Dinner 

This one is a classic choice for a proposal, and a no-brainer if you want to play it safe and sophisticated. Take your significant other out to a fancy restaurant that you have booked in advance. Make sure the table (which is the stage) has been set in style– complete with candle lights and an exquisite multi-course meal. Seek an opportune moment, such as right before dessert perhaps, to hand them the ring and pop the question!

2. During A Romantic Walk On The Beach

What could be more romantic than a leisurely stroll along a moonlit beach with your loved one (especially after a delicious meal)? Just when the both of you think you couldn’t be any happier, stuffed to the gills with great food and wine, prove them wrong by getting down on your knees and proposing!

3. Booksmart And Old School

If your partner is a bookworm who loves to read, write them a romantic letter expressing your deepest feelings just like Karna did for Radhika. Put it in a stylish envelope, and stick it in a shallow cardboard box which should look like a hollowed out ‘book.’ Make sure this box looks just like the cover of a book. Then, place the ring case inside along with the letter, and watch their surprise as they open it out to read!

4. In A Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a creative and rather unusual way to propose. Prepare a jigsaw puzzle which when pieced together, should spell out your feelings and your big question! Keep the message short and clear, and make sure you are around while your partner figures it out the puzzle. This one is a bit of a way to make your loved one work for it, but trust us, it will be totally worth it afterwards!

Which of these ways to propose did you fancy the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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