4 Facts About Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde Host Gurpreet Ghuggi We Bet You Didn’t Know

Gurpreet Ghuggi is an actor who has redefined Punjabi cinema. Read on to know more about the Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde super host.


August 11, 2020


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Pollywood has been through different phases. It has seen golden days and a dry period too. However, a new era of Pollywood started from the mid-2000s, with one actor constantly in the spotlight for taking Pollywood places. The actor is none other than Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde host Gurpreet Ghuggi. Here are some surprising and inspiring facts about our beloved Ghuggi.

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1. Gurpreet And His Share Of Struggles

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The funnyman Gurpreet has gone through many serious troubles. Before becoming a household name, Gurpreet worked under the Tehsildaar for 10-20 rupees, so that he and his two brothers could support his father in their financial crisis. Gurpreet did 11th and 12th grade privately. He also worked as an announcer in All India Radio for a salary of just 200 rupees.

2. The Tough Life Of Ghuggi 

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Do you know that Gurpreet used to travel from his drama class to home on foot? After he finished his work at the Tehsildaar‘s office in Kartarpur, he used to go to Jalandhar for Drama classes. After his classes, he would travel back home, five or six kilometres on foot, as he wanted to save his hard-earned money. Even after reaching home, Gurpreet and a group of 10-15 boys used to rehearse for hours.

3. The Big Break

Gurpreet Ghuggi in Black (Source: Instagram)

Gurpreet decided to join college, and that was where he first got recognition by participating in youth festivals. He auditioned for Doordarshan in Jalandhar, and then he got his series Parchhaven and other skits. However, it was The Great Indian Laughter Challenge that gave him the big push and made him popular all over the country.

4. The Strict Disciplinarian 

Gurpreet Ghuggi in Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde (Source: ZEE5)

The successful actor stays away from drinking and smoking. He feels that this routine has also helped him in gaining success.

So these are some interesting and surprising facts about Gurpreet Ghuggi. How did you find these facts? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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