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2 States: These 4 characters from the Manu Pillai and Mukesh starrer will make you laugh till you drop!

Tom Francis

October 28, 2020

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These hilarious characters from the Malayalam movie 2 States will surely tickle your funny bones.

Directed by Jacky S Kumar, the Malayalam movie 2 States is filled with fun moments fit for the whole family to enjoy. Starring veteran actors like Mukesh and Vijayaraghavan, the movie also features the young presence of new-comers like Sharanya and Manu Pillai. With back-to-back hilarious moments from some of the most interesting characters, 2 States is surely going to leave you in splits. For everyone who enjoyed the Malayalam movie 2 States, here are four of the funniest characters from the movie.

Missed out on the latest Malayalam movie 2 States starring Mukesh? Watch it here:

1. Harikrishnan

New comer Manu Pillai in 2 States (source:ZEE5)
Newcomer Manu Pillai in 2 States (source: ZEE5)

Harikirshnan from 2 States is Theevandi fame Manu Pillai’s first character in a lead. The actor displays a stunning performance with his amazing on-screen presence with Mukesh, who essays the role of his father in the movie. The duo is inseparable and is always on the lookout for trouble. Harikrishnan and his father make way for the best moments in the movie as they go ahead with their inter-state wedding plans.

2. Appappan

Vijayaraghavan in 2 States (source:ZEE5)
Vijayaraghavan in 2 States (source: ZEE5)

Veteran actor Vijayaraghavan has once again proved that his glory days are not behind him. The actor shows his skill in handling comedy roles with ease in this hilarious family movie. He plays the role of the grandfather of Harikrishnan and is known in their village for causing trouble for marriage proposals. The most hilarious moment from Appappan is when he accidentally breaks off his grandson’s marriage proposal.

3. Vijayaraghavan

Actor Mukesh in 2 States (source:ZEE5)
Actor Mukesh in 2 States (source: ZEE5)

Actor Mukesh’s character Vijayaraghavan in the movie is known for his unconventional ideas in life. Even though a lawyer by profession, Vijayaraghavan doesn’t believe in working for a living. He is all about fun and makes the best time with his friends in the village. Vijayaraghavan also passes on his ideals to his son Harikrishnan who also hates going to work as his father.

4. Shammi Thilakan

Shammi Thilakan as the nervous goon (source:ZEE5)
Shammi Thilakan as the nervous goon (source: ZEE5)

One of Vijaya Raghavan’s favourite wingmen in the movie, Shammi Thilakan takes care of the comedy situations with his rib-tickling one-liners. Even though a goon by profession, this man is haunted by his anxiety making him vulnerable and harmless to his enemies. What Shammi Thilakan or the nervous goon in the movie banks on is the towering stature that is enough to scare the ones against him. This unique and funny character is surely going to make you burst out laughing for his scenes in the movie.

Who is your favourite character from the Malayalam movie 2 States? Tell us in the comments below!

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