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16 years of Zee Telugu: Some of the best shows including Ninne Pelladatha and Maate Mantramu that we loved watching

Bhavna Gandikota

May 14, 2021

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Zee Telugu turns 16, and here are some of the best shows to have aired on the channel! Watch them on ZEE5.

Zee Telugu turns 16, and while this has been a long journey, there have been several shows that have made it a memorable one. From America Ammayi to Inspector Kiran, these shows pan through all genres and styles. Here are some of the best shows that we loved watching!

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1) Ninne Pelladatha 

Ninne Pelladatha revolves around Mrudula, the daughter of Arjun and Bharathi, who tries to help her family solve a misunderstanding. However, things take a turn when Madhu falls for her instead of her sister Manasi. A lot goes down before the misunderstandings are cleared making the show a great watch!

Madhu and Mrudula in Ninne Pelladatha
Source: ZEE5

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2) Maate Mantramu

Maate Mantramu is a show that revolves around Vasundhara and Vamsi. While Vasundhara and Vamsi get married against all odds, Aparna, Ayirendri, and Jogendra plot to separate them for their personal motives. Will the couple be able to save their marriage?

Source: ZEE5

3) Pasupu Kumkuma

Pasupu Kumkuma follows the story of a 19-year-old Savitri, hailing from a small village near Rajamundri. Extreme poverty brings this innocent young girl, as a domestic help into the house of Narasimha Rao, a member of the legislative council in Hyderabad. Where her life takes her after she meets Narasimha forms the rest of the story.

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4) Inspector Kiran

Inspector Kiran is a Telugu action-drama television series. While the Police Department is touted to be one of the most male-dominated professions, it opens its doors to a female Inspector Kiran. During her efforts to set right the atrocities in the society, she develops a special bond with a constable, and they begin to work together.

Inspector Kiran
Source: ZEE5

5) Gruhapravesam

Gruhapravesam revolves around Vaidhehi who sacrifices her future and marries a man 10 years older to her, to save her family from debts and for her father’s treatment. While, Sathyavathi is Vaidhehi’s stepmother, who aspires for her better future, ate has other plans as she faces various struggles.

Source: ZEE5

6) America Ammayi 

America Ammayi is about Samantha who has set out on a mission to reunite her mother with her family who disowned her when she decided to get married to an American. Though Samantha is American-born, her family values are deeply rooted in the Indian System. As years pass by, Samantha’s mother, Kalyani falls ill and wishes to reunite with her family before she succumbs to her illness. Samantha takes this as a challenge and embarks upon a journey to India with an aim to bring them together.

America Ammayi (1)
Source: ZEE5

7) Muddha Mandaram

Muddha Mandaram revolves around Deva, Parvathi, and Akhilandeswari. Akhilandeswari refuses to fully accept Parvathi as Deva’s wife because of her background. The family priest pays a visit to the Ghattamaneni house and preaches his prediction that Deva and Parvathi’s child will bring good fortune for the family. He further tries to convince Akhilandeshwari to change her opinion about them. However, Akhilandeshwari still stands strong on her instruction that Deva and Parvathi should stay away from each other.

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