15 Years of Rannaghar: Watch as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020- Bangla’s Samadipta mimics fellow singer Arkadeep!

Singers Arkadeep and Samadipta celebrated 15 years of Rannaghar with host Sudipa Chatterjee in a fun and melodious episode.

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May 7, 2021


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Zee Bangla’s popular cookery show, Rannaghar, has struck another milestone by completing 15 years on Bengali television and host Sudipa Chatterjee has been celebrating the occasion with guests like actors Sandipta Sen, Ishaa Saha, Anindya Chatterjee, Writwik Mukherjee, Annwesha Hazra, singers Jojo, Arkadeep, Samadipta, Ipsita, Anushka, Niharika, Sampriti, Emon Chatterjee, and Aneek. For the third special episode of the show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2020- Bangla winner Arkadeep and his fellow singer Samadipta made an appearance on the show.

Watch the latest episode of Rannaghar here:

Samadipta mimics and teases Arkadeep

Samadipta revealed during the conversation that Arkadeep panics about very small things and with the Covid-19 pandemic, his panic seems to have reached a new height. She mimicked Arkadeep’s actions and showed us how the latter is always checking his own temperature and sanitising his hands! Samadipta went on to tease him and say that Arkadeep might look like he doesn’t shower at all, but that’s not the case in reality.

Sudipa, Arkodeep and Samadipta in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

Rannaghar has touched a milestone….and many hearts!

Sudipa, Samadipta, and Arkadeep shared fond memories of experiencing Rannaghar’s growing popularity. Sudipa revealed that she was twice admitted to a hospital wherein she heard patients from nearby rooms watching Rannaghar. Arkadeep also shared his story when he had visited a village and one of the villagers had invited him for lunch. When they served the dish prepared for lunch, they told him that it was a recipe shared on Rannaghar. Samadipta also revealed that her mother and her grandmother are avid fans of the show. Well, we all are!

Arkodeep in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

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Food made with mother’s love

Nothing beats the food made by our mothers with love. Both Samadipta and Arkadeep were asked what are their favourite dishes prepared by their mothers. Arkadeep said that he prefers vegetarian dishes over others and his mother is a pro at it and he loves Aloo Posto, Mocha, and Shukto made by her. Samadipta revealed that her favourite dish was Golmorich Chicken and she loves the dish when it is made by her mother.

Samadipta in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

Heartfelt melodies

With two outstanding singers as guests, the episode was filled with euphoric melodies. Arkadeep sang a beautiful baul song called Bhoj Bhoj Bhoj. Samadipta delighted the audience with sweet melodies like Projapoti Mon and classics like O Jhar Jhar Jharna. Samadipta and Arkadeep ended the episode with the duet song Ke Tumi Nandini and left us yearning for more such beautiful tunes.

Arkodeep and Samadipta in Rannaghar
Source: ZEE5

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In this episode, we also learned how to make lip-smacking dishes such as Pabdar Malai Curry and Gondhoraj Sugandhi Pulao. In upcoming episodes, you will get to see many of your favourite artists trying their hands at cooking. So stay tuned!

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