10 Times Prachi And Rhea Almost Discovered That Abhi And Pragya Were Their Parents

Rhea is on the verge of discovering who her real mother is, but before we watch her sniff the trail in the next episode, have a look at the past incidents when Rhea ‘almost’ found out the truth!

Ankita Tiwari

October 5, 2020


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Kumkum Bhagya is headed towards a major turn! The latest developments in the show are that Prachi is slowly shifting into a coma and Rhea has confessed to Pragya that she was the person involved in planning Rhea’s murder. Meanwhile, Abhi is adamant to save Prachi and is ready to donate blood to her. But will Rhea realise that she has hurt her own sister and mother? It is soon to be revealed but before that, let’s take a look at the previous incidents when Rhea and Prachi were about to realise that Pragya and Abhi are their parents.

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1. Abhi decides to make Rhea meet Pragya: When Pragya and Abhi rekindled their love for a brief period post Kiara’s death and a long break, they almost broke all their barriers. Abhi was even ready to make Rhea meet Pragya and told her all about her wonderful mother. But Rhea was manipulated by Aliya and she refused to listen to Abhi. She said she never wanted to meet her mother.

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2. Rhea and Prachi join hands to save Pragya: In one of the previous episodes, we had seen how Pragya was being forced to kill the chief minister. But to save her from this trouble, both Prachi and Rhea tried to contribute and joined hands to help Pragya and save her life. Rhea was about to find out that Prachi was her sister and Pragya, her mother!

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3. Aliya thinks Rhea knows the truth: When Abhi met Pragya at the restaurant and Pragya kissed him, Rhea went to Aliya and told her that despite all the wrongdoings of her mother, Abhi still supports her. Aliya thinks that Rhea has found out the truth about Pragya.

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4. Pragya finds out about Abhi’s daughter: When Pragya arrives home and finds Prachi meeting Abhi, she is curious to find out who is Abhishek Mehra’s daughter. She is excited to meet her but eventually, Pragya fails to meet Rhea. Abhi also places a catering order for Pallavi and Vikram’s marriage anniversary.

5. Purab meets Pragya: When Pragya and Purab rush Sarita to the hospital, she finds out that Purab has a son with Aliya and his name is Aryan. Her face-off with Purab makes her think about telling Prachi that she is Abhishek Mehra’s daughter. But she is not able to do it as they get distracted.

6. Prachi is about to meet with an accident: When Prachi arrives in Delhi with her cousin, she is about to meet with an accident. But it is Abhi’s car and he stops just at the right moment. Abhi starts scolding Prachi as if he were her father! But they do not ask each other questions.

7. Abhi receives blood from Prachi: Prachi donates blood to Abhi and finds Pragya crying for him. She starts getting suspicious about Abhi being her father and tries to find out the truth. Alas, Pragya is not ready to reveal the truth to Prachi yet.

8. When Aliya planned to kill Prachi: Aliya insisted on getting Prachi killed by Maya but Abhi decided to save her and help her get back home. Pragya told Prachi that if her father were there he would have done the same and Prachi starts thinking that Abhi is her father.

9. When Rhea decided to kill herself: When Rhea and Prachi had a fight at the camp, Rhea acted as if Prachi had killed her and thrown her off the cliff. But Pragya came to save Prachi and went to find Rhea. Rhea felt as if her own mother were there to save her.

10. Aliya decided to tell Rhea the truth: In the recent episode, we saw how Aliya decided to tell Rhea that Pragya is her mother as she saw Rhea getting extremely sad about Prachi having a mother while her father did not even love her enough.

Will Rhea find that Pragya is her mother? Stay tuned and find out! Watch Kumkum Bhagya premiere episodes on ZEE5!

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