14 Nov 2016 • Episode 41 : Episode 41- Zindagi Ki Mehek

Zindagi Ki Mehek

Shaurya announces that the participants of the cooking show will have to first participate in a treasure hunt game to find their ingredients. The treasure hunt then begins and Mehek manages to get all but one of the ingredients. The last ingredient is in the swimming pool and Meher finds it difficult to get it as she cannot swim. After a while, Shaurya reaches the pool and pushes Mehek in. When Mehek starts to drown, he jumps in the pool to get her out. Meanwhile, Mehek's cousins reach Agra to meet her. Will Mehek manage to win this round of the competition too? Watch Zindagi Ki Mehek to know more.

Details About Zindagi Ki Mehek Show :

Release Date
14 Nov 2016
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Karan Vohra
  • Samiksha Jaiswal
  • Pushpender Singh
  • Faheim Inamdar
  • Cariappa Appaya