Saat Phere

Episode 21 - Saat Phere

E 21

10 Nov 2005

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Rewa takes Neel to a discotheque. Though Neel does not like the ambience, Rewa tells him that he should get used to it, and asks him to enjoy the party. However, Rewa's party is interrupted when Uday, Rewa's ex-boyfriend and a renowned singer, arrives. Neel gets furious when Uday forces Rewa to dance with him. Neel intervenes and tries to take Rewa away. Neel is shocked when Uday pounces on him. Rewa is shocked to see the brawl and intervenes, but before she can leave with Neel, Uday stabs Neel, leaving everyone in utter shock. Neel is rushed to the hospital where the doctor tells Rewa that his condition is very critical. Rewa informs Aapji about the accident. Aapji is also shocked and tries to inform Saloni about it, but Ambica does not let him speak to Saloni. Meanwhile, an infuriated Rewa barges into Uday's place and warns him of dire consequences if anything happens to Neel. Later, Rewa organises a press conference and tells the reporters that Uday attempted to kill Neel. On the other hand, Saloni is shocked when she sees the news of Neel's accident on TV. She requests Narpat to let her go to Mumbai to meet Neel, but Ambica chides her and forbids her from meeting Neel. However, Saloni decides to go to Mumbai.



Rajshree Thakur


Rachana Parulkar