Saat Phere

Episode 20 - Saat Phere

E 20

9 Nov 2005

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Ambica chides Kaveri for informing Padma that Narpat attempted to commit suicide, but Kaveri remains unmoved. Later in the evening, Saloni goes to the hospital to get some medicines. On her way back, Kunjan forcibly pulls her in his car and tries to rape her. However, Dhananjay, Saloni's driver, foils Kunjan's devious plan and thrashes him. Though Kunjan is arrested, the case is not registered against him. Narpat and Ambica thank Dhananjay for saving Saloni and decide to go to the police station, but Manno Bhabhi stops them and assures them that she will seek revenge. Meanwhile, Padma is shocked when she comes to know that Kunjan tried to rape Saloni. She requests the cop to release Kunjan, but the cop does not listen to her. However, the cop tells Padma that Kunjan's fate now depends on Saloni's decision. Padma meets Manno Bhabhi and requests her to save Kunjan. However, she is shocked when Manno Bhabhi tells Padma to apologise to Saloni first. Padma is taken aback, but bows to Manno Bhabhi's demands. Everyone in Saloni's family feels relieved when Padma asks Saloni to apologise her.



Rajshree Thakur


Rachana Parulkar