04 Apr 2014 • Episode 210 : Jalal orders Jodha to leave Agra - Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar

In this full episode of Jodha Akbar, Jalal finds a Mughal soldier in the utensil in which Sujamal was hiding. When Sujamal tries to escape from the palace, Jalal captures him. Jalal questions Jodha about Sujamal's identity. When Jodha refuses to answer, Jalal asks her to leave Agra the next day.

Details About Jodha Akbar Show :

Release Date
4 Apr 2014
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Rajat Tokas
  • Paridhi Sharma
  • Lavina Tandon
  • Ashwini Kalsekar
  • Manisha Yadav
  • Santram Varma
  • Ranjan Singh
  • Vicky Chauhan