Bhaghyalakshmi - Episode 19 - March 26, 2015 - Full Episode

E 19

26 Mar 2015

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Audio Languages:Hindi

Bhoomi is upset that she will have to leave her job but when her brother calls her up, she seems more interested in the problems that he is facing with Surbhi. Bhoomi later goes on to solve her brother's problems by telling him ways to impress Surbhi. Meanwhile, Ansh realizes that his watch has gone missing and he calls up Riya to ask about his wrist watch. Riya on the other hand, accepts that she has his watch but at the same time, she refuses to return it to him as she was forced to lie to Bhoomi's grandmother that the watch was hers. That night, Ansh climbs into Riya's room to get his watch back, but he ends up watching Bhoomi who seems to be sobbing as she is typing her resignation letter. Will Ansh' entry into Bhoomi's life solve all of her problems? Keep watching to find out what happens next.Based in the contemporary times, the show Bhaghyalakshmi narrates the story of two families from Madhya Pradesh. The Prajapatis are a respectable upper class family with an established family business headed by Vasundhara Prajapati 'Bhabahi ma' who is also the decision maker in all the important aspects related to her family members. In contrast to it are The Shuklas who are a traditional upper middle class family with a business in gems and stones. Bhoomi, one of the daughters in the family of The Shuklas has been raised as a protected child and was imparted a good education. In a series of surprising events Bhoomi's marriage is fixed with Vasundhara's nephew Ayushmaan who were already in love. But when their traditional families find out about this, they feel cheated and Bhoomi and Ayushmaan lives turn topsy-turvy trying to win the families over.


Anshuman Prajapati

Varun Sharma

Bhoomi Prajapati

Simran Pareenja

Divya Prajapati

Anupriya Kapoor

Pavitra Prajapati

Sara Khan