Begusarai - Episode 9 - March 12, 2015 - Full Episode

E 9

12 Mar 2015

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Audio Languages:Hindi

A few college students rag Poonam and ask her to sing a song. Poonam sings melodiously and the boys appreciate her and this makes Poonam feel happy. Meanwhile a man comes to deliver a motorbike worth almost two lakhs and Dadi gets shocked learning of its price. She refuses to pay the delivery boy as the name of the person who has ordered the bike is not in the receipt. Priyom on the other hand tries to butter his Dadi Maa to accept the delivery but does not yet reveal that he is the one who had ordered the bike. But his secret is out soon and he requests Dadi Maa to pay for the bike but she refuses. Priyom however manages to take out some money from a sack himself and he pays the delivery boy. Meanwhile, Bindiya witnesses the entire scene and admires Priyom's smartness. She makes up her mind to woo Priyom and get hold of the Thakur's wealth. Laakhan later learns of Poonam being ragged in the college and gets furious. Will Laakhan ruin Poonam's first day in the college by bullying the students of her college? Keep watching to know what happens next.Begusarai is a quaint quirky place in the hinterland of Bihar. It is the land of Phulan Thakur and his family, a land where bullets speak louder than words, where money and power are earned through bloodshed. Begusarai is a place where every man has to battle for his zar, zoru and zameen! The show is produced by Saregama Productions. The channel has roped in noted film maker Tigmanshu Dhulia to design the first look of this multi-starrer on the small screen.


Samar Thakur

Mukul Raj Singh

Maya Thakur

Vaishnavi Dhanraj

Garv Thakur

Ankit Gupta

Maya Thakur

Kanishka Soni

Amar Thakur

Parichay Sharma

Rajkumar Thakur

Aru Krishansh Verma

Rekha Thakur

Malini Sengupta

Ramakant Misra

Abhimanyyu Raj Singh

Mithilesh Thakur

Darshan Dave

Adarsh Thakur

Manish Naggdev


Veebha Anand

Phulan Thakur

Narendra Jha

Guddi Thakur

Richa Mukherjee


Rati Pandey

Priyom Thakur

Satraj Gill

Bindiya Thakur

Shweta Tiwari

Badi Amma

Sulbha Arya

Bhusan Thakur

Harshh Sethi

Poonam Lakhan Thakur

Shivangi Joshi

Soni Thakur

Riya Deepsi

Shakti Thakur

Vishal Aditya Singh



Pritha Nag