DWAYNE JOHNSON: Encourages Fans to Write Down all the Positive Thoughts

The famous WWE wrestler and Hollywood superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson encourages his fans to write down all the positive things they want to achieve in life as writing helps the mind to remember which in turn helps the human body absorb all the positive energies in the universe


September 25, 2021


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The famous wrestling star and Fast and Furious actor tells his fans on social media to write down all the positive things that one wants to focus in life and all the negative things that you want to say “Bye-Bye” to.

Dwayne Johnson, the 49-year-old superstar, says that when we write down things, the human DNA absorbs it all and then all the positive things from the universe tends to give us what all we desire. The basic things that the actor focuses on are the big changes that he desires, the big goals that he is yet to achieve in his life, what are the factors that drives his passion, what are things that keeps him focused and what are the things that he feels that he should remove from his life.

There is book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which talks about different methods of manifestation and laws of attraction. The books states that writing down things helps your mind to remember all the positive things and in turn sends the same vibes to universe to turn it into reality. It seems like the actor has been inspired by the book and is planning to grow on and on in his career and his life in the positive direction.

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It can be seen that The Rock is outdoors with his laptop, a notepad with is name printed on it, a pen and an energy drink and he is ready to take all that the universe has to offer him. He also encourages his fans who are not into this practice to give it a try, which shows that the actor strongly believes in it. He also cracks a joke on cleaning his laptop, which really also reminds us to keep our surroundings clean.

The actor has a few movies like Dc League Of Super Pets, Red Notice, Black Adam releasing in the near future and it is certain the he is preparing himself to be the best in those roles.

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