9 Kickass Dialogues From The Villain Starring Kiccha And Shivanna That Are Clap-Worthy

Parinika Uchil

June 26, 2019


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1. A father's advice

Sharath Lohitashwa In A Still From The Villain

The Villain is a film that will make you emotional one way or another. Starring Kiccha Sudeep and Namma Century Star Shivarajkumar, the film is about the constant battle between Ram and Ravana and the victor in the end. What you must watch out for while watching the movie are the brilliantly crafted dialogues! 

Take this dialogue, for example, when Ram was young, his father tells him an important thing, “Nodu Maga, Naav Ee Kalyugadag Badak Beku Anthandre, Ramana Drushti Ondiddare Saaldu, Ravanana Hattu Alochanegalu Irbeku.” Do you agree?

2. Raamappa's Entry

A Still Of Shivanna In The Villain

Fast forward a few years later and to find the one and only Raamappa, who is feared as well as respected in the goon market. Everyone runs helter-skelter when he arrives and says this, “Naan Silent Aagidre Rama…
Violent Aadhno…!” And the superb Rana Rana Ravana song plays in the background to complete his sentence. You should see this scene to know the feeling I am talking about.

3. 'Kaiser Ram' doesn't spare his enemies

Ram's Poem Is Worth Listening To

Whenever he is about to do something ghastly, Ram from the gangster-duo Kaiser Ram, says a small poem. His motive behind saying this is to scare the bejeezus out of anyone who has the guts to become his enemy. While there are many versions of this poem that Ram says, my favourite was the first one. “Aane Banthondu Aane, Yaav Oor Aane, Bijapur Da Aane, Illig Yaake Bantu? Ravanana Kathe helakk Bantu.

4. Ram clears the air between him and his Seethe

A Still Of Kiccha Sudeep In The Villain

After applying a red filter to himself (if you have watched the film, you will know what I mean), Ram says, “Taavu Maanasa Sarovardinda Parayana Aadagale Nimmage Namma Mele Manas Illa Yendu Thilitu. Bhayaa Pad Bedi Seethe… Naavu Ravana Embod Yeshtu Sathyavo, Ravana Seethe Nu Kettu Drishti Alli Nodilla Embodu Ashte Sathya! Namage Nimma Mele Manas Aagiddu Nija, Aadre, Namage Balawantadinda Preethisio Gotthilla, Balawantadinda Preethisikondu Gotthilla!Such a nice Ravana right? 

5. Ram's Seetha makes him understand the real meaning of marriage

Amy Jackson And Kiccha Sudeep In A Still From The Villain

Janaki aka Sita is impressed and humoured when she sees the new avatar of Ram, her to-be-groom. As he is emptying the contents of the packet in his hand, he says, “Seere, Arishana, Kumkuma, Idu Hoova Nimge. Bale…Nim Kai Chanaag Kaannate…Haakoli. Taali. Idu Yaavdrudu Bele Neev Helatanka Gotte Irlilla Nanige. Helid Mele Tooka Anasthu.” Spoiler alert, after this romantic scene the situation becomes a little gory!

6. Kaiser realises the blunder he has committed a little too late

A Still Of Kiccha Sudeep And Meka Srikanth In The Villain

After pretending to save him, Ram tells Kaiser the story of Punyakoti. Then he adds the twist which makes Kaiser realise his mistake a little too late. Ram says, “Aa Kathe Punyakoti Aagbidatte Kaiser. Ade Hasu, Haal Kudsi, Karu Na Malagsi, Vaapas Bandu Aa Huli Na Allig Karkond Hogi, ‘Nannan Thin Beda, Aa Karu Na Thinnu‘ Andre Tap Alva Kaiser?

7. Taking over as the rightful International Don

Kiccha Sudeep As The Underworld Don In The Villain

When his rival is in dire straits, Ram laughs at the situation and taunts Thomas by saying, “Iddi British Samraajya Ne Kaal Kelgade Itkondu Aaltha Irod Thomas, Ivatthu, Nan Kaal Kelage.” I am pretty sure you can guess what happens next!

8. The conversation between Annayya and Thammayya

Shivanna And Kiccha In A Still From The Villain

The first time Ram listens to Raamappa’s voice, he strains to recollect if he has heard this voice anywhere else, but in vain. To add fuel to the fire, Raamaappa says, “Oh! Naan Voice Inda Naan Yaaru Antha Kandhidiakke Aagthilla! Yeng Idhe Nan Voicu? Parvaagillve?

9. Another story by Ram with his own unique twist

Kiccha Sudeep In A Still From The Villain

Ram gets irritated at the stranger who kidnaps Alex but responds in a comical way. “Aadre Ondu Chikku Correctionu Annaiyya! Pandava Hanebarana Ulsodikke, Saarthi Aadu Krishnanu Neen Alla, Nin Berlallitkondu Oodado Arjunanu Nan Alla Annaiyya,” he says.

My main reasons to fall in love with this movie were the two great superstars and the dialogues. Let us know what you liked best about The Villain, in the space given below.

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