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The Married Woman: Astha Is A Very Wholesome Character, Says Ridhi Dogra In Relation To Her Character

Debanjali Kabiraj

March 18, 2021

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Check out the interview where The Married Woman cast Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra discuss the show and its characters.

Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra in a recent interview spoke about their characters and aspects of it in the show, The Married Woman. They revealed how they got the roles of Astha and Peeplika and what aspects of the LGBTQ community does the show talk about.

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Taking about the characters in The Married Woman, Ridhi said that her character Astha is a very wholesome character and her journey is complete in a lot of ways. There are many facets to the character and they all together make her a complete person. Monica on the other hand said that she is in many ways like her character Peeplika as she has lived many similar facets but Peeplika has much lesser fear than Monica herself. Ridhi says that the show is about individuality over conditioning and that is deeper than the labels provided by society. She also said that the team approached the matter with a lot of sensitivity.

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Ridhi Dogra said that she got the opportunity to portray the lead role in The Married Woman after her role in the web series Asur. Her performance was liked in the series and that is why she got through for this role. She said that she has been waiting for such an opportunity where she can showcase her talent and show everyone that she can carry a show on her shoulder successfully.

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Monica said that she was always approached for roles where the woman is ‘bold’. She revealed that she got the role after a day on the set of the show Cartel when she was applauded for her performance in a certain scene. When she read the script of The Married Woman, she loved it and thus Monica went on to do it. She also added that she has always tried to do roles that open people’s minds.

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