The Expiry Date Trailer Promises A Gripping Mystery Of Troubled Marriages And Missing Spouses!

The new trailer for Expiry Date offers an interesting glimpse to the twists and thrills you can expect on 2 October 2020

Kenneth Carneiro

September 30, 2020


Web Series

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Expiry Date is an upcoming ZEE5 original series which explores the romantic thriller genre. This series featuring Sneha Ullal, Tony Luke and Madhu Shalini in leading roles will be releasing both in Hindi and Telugu. The series is a film about two strangers who report to the police about their spouses missing on the same date, as the investigation continues, darker secrets are revealed from their seemingly happily married lives. The trailer will attract your interest without revealing too much about the story at all.

Watch the trailer here.

Vishwa (Tony Luke) goes to the police to report about his missing wife after attending a friend’s wedding. There he finds out out that Sunitha (Madhu Shalini) has also reported her husband missing on the same date and the same wedding. While the police begin investigating the case they find out that Vishwa and Sunitha definitely have some past connection between their missing spouses Disha (Sneha Ullal) and Sunny (Ali Reza).

This series shows how the feelings of insecurity and acts of infidelity can ruin even the best of marriages. This thriller will explore how darkness can slowly take over and change a person’s character. Directed by Shankar K Marthand and produced by Northstar Entertainment, popular names in the Telugu industry, this series is bound to be a treat to enjoy.

Make sure you have a thrilling long weekend binge-watching Expiry Date on 2 October 2020. You can also watch the Forbidden Love Anthology, featuring 4 romantic thriller films directed by 4 national award winning directors.

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