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Welcome Back

2h 22m

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Welcome Back is a 2015 Hindi action comedy film starring John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, Nana Patekar, Shruti Haasan, Paresh Rawal, Dimple Kapadia and Naseeruddin Shah. Uday Shetty and Majnu Pandey give up their criminal life to become honest businessmen. Their attempts are thwarted when they realise that their sister, Ranjana, likes a local goon, Ajju. In a hilarious turn of events, the duo is forced back to step into the criminal world to keep Ranjana and Ajju away from each other.

Details About Welcome Back Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Sep 2015
  • Comedy
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Anil Kapoor
  • Nana Patekar
  • John Abraham
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Shruti Haasan
  • Anees Bazmee

Keypoints about Welcome Back :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 22m

2. Audio Language: Hindi

About the movie Welcome Back: Riot of Laughter and comedy

Welcome Back is a Hindi comedy movie starring John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nana Patekar, 

and Anil Kapoor in the lead. Uday Shetty (Nana Patekar) and Majnu Bhai (Anil Kapoor) have given up their criminal life and are looking to do business in an honest way. Both are in love with a girl named Chandni. But their father lays down a condition; they have to first get their sister Ranjana Shetty (Shruti Haasan) married. The search begins for a perfect groom for Ranjana. 

Welcome Back movie Release Date on OTT

The Hindi action movie Welcome Back was released across cinema halls on 1st September 2015. The flick is streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform as well.

The plot of the movie Welcome Back  

This action movie revolves around Ranjana Shetty and Ajju (John Abraham). In search of the perfect groom for their sister, Uday and Majnu get in touch with Dr Ghunghroo (Paresh Rawal). Dr Ghunghroo finds out that his wife has a son named Ajju from her previous marriage. Ajju is a famous goon in Mumbai. It becomes known that Ranjana and Ajju know each other and are actually in love. Their marriage gets fixed, but Majnu plays spoilsport during the engagement ceremony by revealing that Ajju is a goon. Will Ranjana and Ajju get married? Now, Uday and Majnu are forced to reenter the world of crime just to keep Ranjana and Ajju from seeing each other. The movie is a total entertainer and keeps the audience fully engaged with its hilarious moments.

Welcome Back movie cast and crew

The cast of this Hindi movie includes leading actors such as Nana Patekar, Anil Kapoor, Shruti Haasan, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia, Naseeruddin Shah, Shiney Ahuja, and Paresh Rawal. 

The movie is written and directed by Anees Bazmee and produced by Firoz A. Nadiadwala. The cinematography is overseen by Kabir Lal, the editing work by Stevan Bernard, while the music is composed by Anu Malik.

Interesting facts about the movie Welcome Back

1. This comedy movie is a sequel to the film “Welcome” which was released in 2007 with Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.

2. Aamir Khan’s appearance in the movie “Rangeela” inspired the looks of John Abraham in this movie. 

FAQs about the movie Welcome Back

Q1. How much did John Abraham charge for his role in the movie?

Ans. He charged a whopping INR 20 crore for his role in Welcome Back. 

Q2. Who played the role of the villain in the movie?

Ans. The villain’s role was played by veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah

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