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Vikrant Rona

2h 20m

Audio Languages :

Kannada, Malayalam

Subtitles :


Inspector Vikrant Rona arrives in a mysterious village investigating a series of murders that seem to be linked to the supernatural. Will he crack the case and bring the culprit to justice?

Vikrant Rona Trailers

Vikrant Rona | 15 Minutes Free

Vikrant Rona | 15 Minutes Free

Vikrant Rona | Trailer

Vikrant Rona | Trailer

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Details about Vikrant Rona Movie :

Movie Released Date
28 Jul 2022
  • Thriller
  • Adventure
Audio Languages:
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Kichcha Sudeep
  • Nirup Bhandari
  • Neetha Ashok
  • Jacqueline Fernandez
  • Ravishankar Gowda
  • Anup Bhandari

Keypoints about Vikrant Rona :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 20m

2. Audio Languages: Kannada, Malayalam

Dive into the Unknown with Vikrant Rona

Vikrant Rona is an Indian Kannada-language action thriller film released in 2022. It was written and directed by Anup Bhandari, produced by Jack Manjunath, and co-produced by Alankar Pandian. The movie features Sudeepa in the lead role as Vikrant Rona, accompanied by Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok, and Jacqueline Fernandez. The narrative is about Inspector Vikrant Rona, who finds himself in a secluded village amidst a tropical rainforest and witnesses a series of baffling events attributed to the supernatural. You can stream Vikrant Rona in HD on ZEE5.

Vikrant Rona – A Supernaturally Thrilling Action Fest

The tale unfolds in a quiet village called Kamarottu. Here, Janardhan Gambira, known for his short temper, resides with his wife Santha "Shaku" and brother Eknath. A family friend, Vishwanath Ballal, visits with his wife and two children, Aparna "Panna" and Mohanchandra "Munna." Vishwanath desires to host Panna's wedding in their ancestral Kamarottu house, but Janardhan hesitates, fearing the place is haunted by a Brahmarakshasa ghost due to a theft committed by his son Sanjeev "Sanju" 28 years ago.

In the midst of this, Sanju, long absent from the village, sends word that he's returning to visit his ailing mother. On the same night, he arrives from London. Inspector Vikrant Rona comes to the village, where he witnesses perplexing events believed to be supernatural. Accompanied by his daughter, Guddi, Vikrant sets out to investigate. An attempt on his life is made, but he narrowly escapes. Vikrant uncovers a grim history: 14 children were previously killed in a similar manner, most of them being students from the local school.

These kidnappings and murders left Vikrant's wife in a coma, driving him to seek answers. Vikrant, once a schoolmate of the culprits, Madhava and Raghava, now faces the consequences of not standing up against the bullying they endured. This failure led to a heartbreaking loss, with his wife and daughter, Guddi, falling victim to Madhava's quest for vengeance against those who mistreated his family.

Raghava, disguised as Sanju, had killed the real Sanju for stealing temple jewelry on the fateful night when their parents and sister met a tragic end. An enraged Vikrant confronts and defeats both Raghava and Madhava, seeking retribution for his personal tragedy. Raghava meets his end, and justice is served for the sorrow Vikrant endured.

Vikrant Rona – Kichcha Sudeep’s Captivating Marvel

The film features Sudeepa as Vikrant "Vicky" Rona, Nirup Bhandari as Sanjeev "Sanju" Gambhira/Raghava, Neetha Ashok as Aparna Ballal, aka Panna, and Jacqueline Fernandez as Racquel D'Coasta/Gadang Rakkamma/Sapna in pivotal roles.

It also features Ravishankar Gowda as Vishwanath Ballal, Madhusudan Rao as Janardhan Gambhira, V. Priya as Shantha "Shaku" Gambhira, Vasuki Vaibhavas as Baalakrishna "Baalu", Siddu Moolimani as Mohanchandra "Munna" Ballal, Ramm Bogadi as Mahabala, and Chitkala Biradar as Baby Ballal in supporting roles.

Watch Vikrant Rona Full Movie Online on ZEE5

The action-drama movie premiered in 3D on July 28, 2022, in theaters and later became available on ZEE5 on September 2, 2022. Although critics had mixed reviews about the film, the audience responded positively, making it the third highest-grossing Kannada movie. Vikrant Rona received an IMDb rating of 7.0 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vikrant Rona

Q1. Who is the lead actor in Vikrant Rona?

Ans. Indian actor Sudeepa, also known as Kichcha Sudeep, is the lead actor in the movie.

Q2. What genre does Vikrant Rona belong to?

Ans. The movie falls into the action-crime drama genre.

Q3. Who is the producer of Vikrant Rona?

Ans. The film is produced by Jack Manjunath and co-produced by Alankar Pandian.

Q4. Which language was Vikrant Rona filmed in initially?

Ans. Vikrant Rona is a Kannada-language action thriller movie.

Q5. What is the age limit for this film?

Ans.  Vikrant Rona has a lot of violence, so parental guidance is advised.

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