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Vikram (1986)

Vikram (1986)

2h 20m
Audio Languages :

Vikram is 1986 Telugu action film starring Akkineni Nagarjuna and Shobhana., released in the year of 1986. When Sardar gets arrested, he seeks Vikram's help. Vikram kidnaps Radha to pressurise her father to release Sardar. Eventually Vikram falls for Radha.

Details About Vikram (1986) Movie :

Movie Released Date
23 May 1986
  • Drama
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Telugu
  • Nagarjuna Akkineni
  • Sobhana
  • Chandra Mohan
  • Satyanarayana
  • V. Madhusudhna Rao

Keypoints about Vikram (1986) :

1. Total Episode duration: 2h 20m

2. Audio Language: Telugu

Vikram (1986): An Aspiring Action and Drama Film

Vikram movie is a telugu film about a goon who falls for the daughter of a policeman. Vikram surrenders to the cops and gets separated from his lady love Radha. After finishing his term, he goes on a quest to reunite with her but faces opposition from Radha’s family. It stars Nagarjuna and Shobana as the leads, who have justified their roles with their unmatchable acting skills. 

Vikram director V. Madhusudhna Rao, as expected of him, has done his research well to show life in prison and how inmates are treated when they are set free. You will never have time for a break from this movie filled with nail-biting and romantic sequences. 

Vikram (1986) Movie Basic Details

The story of the Vikram movie is scripted by the legendary writer-director Subhash Ghai which is evident from the amazing sequences in the movie. Every song is melodious and was a sensational hit back then. Vikram's movie release date was 23rd May 1986 and is available to stream on Zee5. Vikram movie belongs to an action and drama film genre

Vikram cast includes Nagarjuna and Shobhna in the leads along with Chanda Mohan and Satyanarayana in the supporting leads. From the cinematographer, P N Sundaram, who excellently captures the dark and romantic scenes, to plot twists and turns, this movie won't let down your expectations in any way. 

Vikram Movie Twisted Plot

At the starting point of the Vikram movie, the protagonist falls for Radha after kidnapping her to make his demands fulfilled from the sardar. And soon he surrenders himself to the police for his unethical past doings. After being released from prison, he searches for Radha, his long-lost love. Radha’s happiness has no bounds when she learns about Vikram’s release. But soon the scene changes as they face strong opposition from Radha’s family. Vikram tries to live his life on the cleanest path to winning back his love and her family. Radha tells the whole truth behind Vikram’s imprisonment to Rambabu, her brother. This makes him arrange a false matrimony of Radha with his friend Tommy, but Tommy falls for Radha eventually.  The complexities deepen with further scenes and the union of Radha and Vikram gets delayed. Will the two love birds have a happy ending? To discover the climax watch Vikram of Zee5. 

The Performance of the Vikram Cast

Vikram's cast is unmatchable as it has some of the most sorted actors from the Telugu film industry. Nagarjuna was a sensational superstar at that time and stole the show with his dynamic acting performance. His being cast in the movie yielded great openings at Andhra Pradesh Box Office and in other southern states.

The other actors like Sobhana (Radha), Chandra Mohan (Rambabu), and Tiger Prabhakar (Sardar) have worked hard in their respective roles. Not a single actor gave an average performance which shows how strong the team was and the extensive work that went through the film. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vikram Movie

Q1. Who plays the protagonist in the Telugu movie Vikram? 

Ans: Nagarjuna played the role of Vikram in the 1986 Vikram movie. 

Q2. Who was the writer of the movie Vikram? 

Ans: The legendary writer and director Subhash Ghai has written the story of Vikram movie. 

Q3. Is the Telugu movie Vikram available on any OTT platform? 

Ans: Yes, you can watch Vikram only on the Zee5 OTT platform.

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