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Viah Te Loan

1h 37m

Audio Languages :


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Gunnu falls in love with Raunak, a girl in his neighbourhood. To fulfil her condition for marriage, he arranges for 10 lakh rupees by taking a loan. What happens when Raunak runs away with the money?

Details about Viah Te Loan Movie :

Movie Released Date
23 Jun 2023
  • Romance
  • Comedy
Audio Languages:
  • Punjabi
  • Gagneet Makhan
  • Navdeep Gill
  • Shikha Verma
  • Gurlove Singh Ratol

Keypoints about Viah Te Loan :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 37m

2. Audio Languages: Punjabi

Viah Te Loan - The Ultimate Punjabi Rom-Com

Viah Te Loan is a Punjabi romantic comedy directed by Navdeep Chitti. It has a mix of comedy, romance, and family drama, making the humorous and light-hearted story enjoyable for everyone. The movie has clever and witty dialog, and the actors' comedic timing adds to its charm. Meet created the music for the film, while Anirudh Loomba wrote the song lyrics. The official trailer for Viah Te Loan was released on May 6, 2023.

Viah Te Loan Movie Cast

Viah Te Loan features Indian actors Gagneet Singh Makhan, Shikha Verma, Navpreet Kaur, and Mandeep Singh, among others. With their collective talent and chemistry, they bring the characters to life and create an unforgettable movie experience.

Viah Te Loan Movie Plot

In a serene Punjabi village, Gunnu, a young man, discovers that love can be both enchanting and painful. He falls deeply in love with his neighbor, Raunak, and dreams of building a life together with her. However, Raunak sets a challenging condition for their marriage: Gunnu must acquire a substantial sum of 10 lakh rupees.

Determined to win Raunak's heart, Gunnu embarks on a mission to gather the money. Through hard work and perseverance, he manages to amass the required amount, feeling elated that their union is now within reach. With hopeful anticipation, he presents the money to Raunak, believing that their love story is about to take a joyous turn.

But Gunnu's happiness turns to sorrow when Raunak's true intentions come to light. Instead of cherishing their love and the future they could have together, she disappears, taking the money with her. The betrayal leaves Gunnu heartbroken and devastated. As he tries to heal his wounded heart, fate leads Gunnu to encounter another young woman. She appears to be a perfect match for him, offering solace and companionship during his time of distress.

Gunnu starts to find comfort in this new relationship. However, just as Gunnu begins to embrace this newfound love, an unexpected twist of destiny brings Raunak back into his life. Her sudden return reignites the feelings he once had for her, and Gunnu finds himself torn between two emotional worlds. Confused and conflicted, he must make a difficult decision that will profoundly impact his life and shape his future.

In this emotional journey of love, betrayal, and second chances, Gunnu must navigate through the complexities of his heart to choose between the past and the present. Will he hold onto the memories of a love that once was, or will he embrace the possibility of a new beginning with someone who brings him happiness and understanding?

Viah Te Loan Movie Release Date on OTT

Viah Te Loan premiered on June 23, 2023, exclusively on ZEE5. Get ready to be captivated by this enthralling storyline and talented cast. You can watch the Viah Te Loan movie online on ZEE5 and browse the wide range of Punjabi movies available on the streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Viah Te Loan Movie

Q1. Who are the writers of Viah Te Loan?

Ans. Viah Te Loan is written by Gurlove Singh Ratol and Parvinder Singh.

Q2. What is the genre of Viah Te Loan?

Ans. Viah Te Loan is a romantic comedy movie (rom-com).

Q4. What is the age limit for this film?

Ans. Anyone above the age of 16 is allowed to watch this film.

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