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1h 43m

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Eric Williams, a murder accused, has been on the run for 30 years. He returns to London when his estranged daughter gets brutally attacked by a gang, and the police refuse to take action.

Details About Vengeance Movie :

Movie Released Date
1 Nov 2022
  • Crime
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • English
  • Billy Murray
  • Leslie Grantham
  • Crissy Rock
  • Richard John Taylor

Keypoints about Vengeance :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 43m

2. Audio Language: English

Vengeance- An Action Crime Movie

Vengeance is an English movie that follows the story of a journalist from New York City who goes to the south to look into the circumstances of a girl's death and learn what happened to her in an attempt to uncover the murder of the woman he had a hookup with. The movie's plot is packed with tension and surprises that keep viewers hooked until the end.

This action-crime movie is written and directed by Richard John Taylor

Vengeance Movie Cast

The movie's cast includes Billy Murray as Eric, Leslie Grantham as Ronnie, Crissy Rock as Jean and other renowned actors.

Vengeance Movie Plot    

Vengeance movie begins with a journalist, Ben Manalowitz, from New York, who receives a surprise call from Ty Shaw alerting him that his lover, Abby Shaw, has reportedly overdosed on drugs and passed away. Ben travels to Texas for the burial at Ty's request. There, he meets Abby's family- her brother Ty, mother Sharon, sisters Paris and Kansas, a younger brother, El Stupido, and grandmother Carole. 

In response to Abby's unexpected passing, Ben decides to start a podcast. He talks to Abby’s brother who tells Ben that he thinks Abby was intentionally killed and that she never used drugs, and he urges Ben to go with him to learn the truth and seek vengeance. Ben decides to help them as part of a story about sorrow and denial, after consulting with his show producer Eloise.

Ben and Ty go to the oil pumps to confront Ty's friend, Crawl. Crawl informs them about a common place where parties are held regularly, and outside the party lawn, there’s an area called "the Afterparty" where many bodies have been confirmed over time. Crawl also mentioned a drug dealer by the name of Sancholo whom Ty later accused of being responsible for Abby's death.

Through watching these recordings, Ben learns more about Abby.

Sancholo confirms that he was in Tulsa the evening of Abby's murder and reconfirms Ty's assertion that Abby wasn't a drug addict when Ben confronts him regarding Abby's murder outside of a bar. He is shocked to see the entire Shaw family visit and accompany him to Whataburger.

Back indoors, Granny reveals that Ty lied to Ben to get nearer to her fictitious partner and that Abby was a drug addict.

While in bed, Mason recalls how Abby used the codeword "1435" to communicate with him ("I love you mucho"). He unlocks Abby's phone using that number after gaining insight. Ben drives with Mason to a gathering at the gas pumps while carrying one of Ty's weapons. Ben talks to Ty and Quentin after discovering that his car got destroyed by Texas Tech supporters at the rodeo. 

Eventually, Ben manages to Quentin, to tell the truth, and acknowledge that he poisoned Abby and then takes her to the place afterparty, where she ultimately perishes when Quentin turns off his primary recorder, Ben immediately puts Quentin to death.

Vengeance Movie Release Date on OTT

The Vengeance movie release date is November 03, 2021. The movie is also available to stream on OTT ZEE5. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vengeance Movie

Q1. What is the running time of the Vengeance Movie?

Ans. The running time of the Vengeance movie is 103 minutes.

Q2. Who has done the Cinematography of the Vengeance movie?

Ans. Lyn Moncrief has done the cinematography of the movie.

Q3. Who has done the editing of the Vengeance movie?

Ans. Andy Canny, Hilda Rasula and Plummy Tucker edited the movie.

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