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Veer is a 2010 action film, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zarine Khan and others. The story is about a warring Prince and a King, in colonial India. While Prince Veer Pratap wants to rid his kingdom and India from the British, his opponent King Gyanendra Singh supports them. The Prince is forced to flee and hide in the desert. He comes back to kidnap the King's daughter in order to get him on his side. The prince falls in love with her.

Veer Trailers

The Best of Salman Khan | Promo

The Best of Salman Khan | Promo

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Details about Veer Movie :

Movie Released Date
19 Jan 2010
  • Action
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Salman Khan
  • Zareen Khan
  • Mithun Chakraborty
  • Jackie Shroff
  • Sohail Khan
  • Anil Sharma

Keypoints about Veer :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 35m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Veer, the Unsung Hero of Madhavgarh

The word Veer means bravery in English and reveals the theme of this action movie, Veer. The Veer movie is a 2010 Hindi film, but the songs of the movie are still played in 2022 by the fans. 

The Veer movie has been nominated for many film awards. The audience enjoyed the fighting and the storyline of the movie. Moreover, Beautiful Zareen Khan had her first debut through this film. The movie is available to stream on an OTT platform, Zee5.

Veer Movie Basic Details  

Shailesh Verma and Shaktimaan Talwar wrote the 2010 Indian epic action film Veer. Anil Sharma directed the movie, and Sajid-Wajid gave the music direction. 

Veer is greatly inspired by Nikolai Gogol's Taras Bulba, a Russian novel. 

In the movie, Salman Khan played the protagonist role as Veer Pratap Singh / Kunwar Mahendra Pratap, Zareen Khan as Princess Yashodhara Singh, Mithun Chakraborty as Prithvi Singh, Veer's father, Jackie Shroff as Gyanendra Singh, King of Madhavgarh and father of Yashodhara, and Sohail Khan as Poonam "Punya" Pratap Singh, Veer's brother.

Veer Movie Plot

Nawabs and many kings fall victim to the British colony's deceit. They followed the Divide and rule policy in the nation and gave control of the realm to foreigners or kings under them. However, Pindaris were an exception. They were known for their loyalty and courageous nature. They were famous because they battled till extinguished to defend their homeland, and they would rather die than live in disgrace. 

Veer (Salman Khan) is the Pindaris. He is the most resilient, courageous, and powerful prince. To assemble an army, Veer is assisted by his younger brother Punya Singh (Sohail Khan). Gyanendra Singh (Jackie Shroff), the King of Madhavgarh, opposes Veer because he believes Veer threatens Madhavgarh and his rule.

Therefore, Veer must battle the British colony's strength and the cunning King of Madavgarh. His love for Yashodhara, the princess of Madhavgarh and the daughter of a sly king, is in danger. His desire to take revenge on behalf of his father for his dishonour is at risk.

However, Veer fights till the very end for his motherland. After strategic wars and fights, Veer succeeds and lives happily after marrying Yashodhara.

The Performance of the Veer Cast

Salman Khan performed his act gracefully. He looked like a prince of the kingdom. The drama was complete with the tinged love and romance between Salman Khan and the newly introduced Zareen Khan in the movie. Her looks (as the princess) added more beauty to the scenes. Her softness and elegant performance made her look like a princess throughout the movie. 

Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, and Sohail Khan made their presence stand out in the scenes.

The Veer Movie release date on OTT 

The Veer Movie’s release date is January 22nd, 2010, and is available to stream on ZEE5, an OTT platform.  

Frequently Asked Questions About the Veer Movie

Q1. What is the name of the Veer director?

Ans: The Veer director is Anil Sharma. 

Q2. What is the genre of the movie Veer?

Ans: Veer is an action-packed, tinged with a love story. 

Q3. Who is the leading role in the Veer movie?

Ans: Veer in the movie is Salman Khan, the most courageous, resilient, and powerful Pindaris prince. 

Q4. Who gave the story of the Veer movie?

Ans: The story of the veer movie is given by Salman Khan. 

Q5. What is the Veer movie release date?

Ans: The movie was released on 22nd January 2010 and available on Zee5.

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