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1h 54m

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Three forensic surgeons get pulled into a murder investigation due to minor mistakes on their part. What follows is a desperate attempt to prove their innocence.

Details About Veekam Movie :

Movie Released Date
9 Dec 2022
  • Crime
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Malayalam
  • Dhyan Sreenivasan
  • Sheelu Abraham
  • Jagadish Kumar
  • Aju Varghese
  • Dayyana Hameed
  • Sagar

Keypoints about Veekam :

1. Total Episode duration: 1h 54m

2. Audio Language: Malayalam

Veekam: Investigators Under the Radar

Veekam is a Malayalam film with an intense crime plot and scenes that can run shivers down the viewer's spine. This thrilling film focuses on what happens when the investigators are the ones being investigated.

The plot of this film revolves around a group of investigators who got framed for a murder and faced a lot of troubles in their lives while trying to prove themselves innocent. Sagar is the director of Veekam, and this film is produced by Sheelu Abraham.

Veekam Movie Cast

The cast of Veekam consists of Dhyan Sreenivasan as Kiran, Sheelu Abraham as Rejini Warrior, Jagadish Kumar as Krishnamurthy, Aju Varghese as Martin Mavungal, Dayyana Hameed as Keerthi, Dain Davis as Thoma, Binu Adimali as Babu, and other supporting cast members.

Veekam Movie Plot

Kiran (played by Dhyan Sreenivasan), Thoma (played by Dain Davis), and Keerthi (played by Dayyana Hameed) work as forensic experts for the government, and together they are a team well-known for their commendable work on human autopsies. One day they received a case that, at first sight, didn't look much complicated or mysterious to them. 

Doing their regular job, they started the autopsy and proceeded to make the postmortem report according to their work. Everything went well except for one mistake on their side, which turned this case totally upside down. 

This one mistake turned the tides of this case totally against them and cornered them completely. Such a dire situation took away all of their escape routes and made it hard for them to prove their innocence. When everything is against them, will they be able to fight back against the situation, win everyone's trust back, and prove themself innocent to the public?

Veekam Release Date on OTT 

Veekam movie release date on OTT ZEE5 is Februarry 17, 2023. However, its theatrical release date is December 9, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions Veekam Movie

Q1. How long is this film?

Ans. This film is 2h long.

Q2. Who produced the music for Veekam?

Ans. William Francis is the music composer of this film.

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