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1h 40m

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After his wife refuses to divorce him, Aniket hatches a plan to get rid of her and live with his girlfriend. What happens when Aniket gets a mysterious call about his wife's missing dead body?

Details about Vaalvi Movie :

Movie Released Date
13 Jan 2023
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Marathi
  • Swapnil Joshi
  • Anita Date
  • Shivani Surve
  • Subodh Bhave
  • Sandy
  • Paresh Mokashi

Keypoints about Vaalvi :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 40m

2. Audio Languages: Marathi

About the Movie Vaalvi: Comedy with Suspense

Vaalvi is a Marathi comedy movie featuring Swapnil Joshi and Anita Date-Kelkar in the main roles. The movie revolves around a married couple, Avni and Aniket. Avni suffers from a mental illness because of which she throws fits, to Aniket’s dismay. When Avni rejects divorce, Aniket begins a relationship with his dentist and later, they plan to get her out of the picture. They plan on convincing Avni that they are in deep financial trouble so much so that the only escape is death. All seems to be going by the plan until Aniket receives an anonymous call.

Vaalvi Movie Release Date on OTT

The Marathi thriller movie Vaalvi release date is 13 January 2023 and available for streaming on the ZEE5 OTT platform from 24 February 2023.

Vaalvi Movie Plot

The plot of the Marathi movie shows the story of Avni, Aniket and Devika. Aniket has been weary of Avni’s tantrums that stem from her mental illness. When he asks for a divorce and Avni declines, he starts an affair with Dr. Devika. Wanting to be together, they come up with a plan to kill Avni. They try telling her that Aniket’s business is declining towards bankruptcy and the only solution out is suicide. Upon executing their plan, when Aniket comes to see if everything went well, he finds Avni’s body missing. Watch the movie to find out what unfolds later.

Vaalvi Movie Cast & Crew

The cast of the thriller movie includes Swapnil Joshi as Aniket and Anita Date Kelkar as Avani. Subodh Bhave is seen as Anshuman, Shivani Surve as Devika with Namrata Sambherao. The director of the movie is Paresh Mokashi who has also written for the movie with Madhugandha Kulkarni who is also the producer. The Cinematographer of the movie is Satyajit Shobha Shriram while the music has been given by Mangesh Dhakade.

Interesting Facts About the Movie Vaalvi

1. Vaalvi opened to positive reviews both from its audiences and critics. It has been described as a movie that invites us to consider the depth of human depravity with an efficient and effective cruel comedy, as bloodless as it is ruthless.’

2. The sequel of the movie has been announced by the makers from ZEE Studios at the director Prakash Mokashi’s birthday party.

FAQs About Vaalvi Movie

Q. How has the movie’s music been received?

Ans: The music of Vaalvi has been described to be aptly capturing the ‘grey’ shade of the content shown in the movie by Jaydeep Pathak of Maharashtra Times.

Q. What strategies were used to create an interest about the movie?

Ans: The makers of the movie thoughtfully launched the trailer for the movie just nine days before the movie was supposed to come out. The trailer didn’t reveal much other than the relationships, but just enough to generate buzz around the film and get more and more people interested.

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