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Traffic Signal

2h 5m

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Traffic Signal is a 2007 Hindi social dram film starring Kunal Khemu, Neetu Chandra, Ranvir Shorey and Konkona Sen Sharma. Silsila, Rani, beggars and prostitutes make their living around a traffic signal by selling clothes, flowers, jewellery etc. However, their peaceful existence is threatened by Haji bhaijaan who wants to destroy this traffic signal. Will Haji succeed in his evil designs? Will Silsila be able to save this traffic signal, a source of livelihood for his several people?

Details about Traffic Signal Movie :

Movie Released Date
2 Feb 2007
  • Thriller
Audio Languages:
  • Hindi
  • Kunal Kemmu
  • Ranvir Shorey
  • Kapil Rajput
  • Konkona Sen Sharma
  • Neetu Chandra
  • Madhur Bhandarkar

Keypoints about Traffic Signal :

1. Total Movie duration: 2h 5m

2. Audio Languages: Hindi

Traffic Signal: A Fictional Social Drama

Traffic Signal is an Indian social experimental thriller movie. This Hindi movie supposedly turns the lights on gutter-street survival, an intrinsic part of maximum city melodrama. The film is about the lives of lower-middle family people living in big metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Traffic Signal is shot around the fictional traffic signal in Mumbai. It exhibits the story of the microcosm of people who make their living by working on streets, like running a store on a footpath, selling clothes, etc. Traffic Signal Director Madhur Bhandarkar shows a view of a person passing through a regular traffic signal on a busy street.

Traffic Signal Movie Basic Details

The Traffic Signal Movie Release Date was 2nd February 2007 under the thriller genre and is available to watch on Zee5 whenever you want. It stars Kunal Khemu and Neetu Chandra in lead roles. Traffic Signal Cast comprised Kunal Khemu as Silsila, Neetu Chandra as Rani, Ranvir Shorey as Dominic, Konkona Sen Sharma as Noorie, Vinay Apte as Inspector Zahid Sheikh, Upendra Limaye as Manya Langda, Sudhir Mishra as Haji Bhaijaan, Gopal K. Singh as Samari, Kapil Rajput as Vishal Ahuja, Madhu Sharma as Businessman's Wife, D’santosh as Jaffar Bhaai, Manoj Joshi as Chief Engineer Sailesh Jha and many others.

The traffic signal is directed and written by Madhur Bhandarkar and produced by Shailendra Singh and Madhur Bhandarkar under Bhandarkar Entertainment.

The Plot of Traffic Signal Movie

Silsila (Kunal Khemu) grew up in the street and was raised to become a manager at a well-known company. He is an ideal manager with care and a soft corner for his workers. He was involved in many other trades before he became a manager.

In traffic signals, time runs very fastly. At this point, an innocent girl arrives, who sells ethnic clothes for a living. For a twist, Silsila's boss turns out to be part of a significant nexus of evil politicians and other mafias. Silsila's boss forces him to destroy the traffic signal. Silsila, without knowing the upcoming consequences, does his work with questioning. But ultimately, he comes to know about the kind of work he is doing. He was involved in mass murders, extortion, and bribery.

In the end Traffic signal is destroyed.  The plot is stationed at a traffic signal, the characters are shabby to look at, they wear tattered clothes, and their dialect is outright pedestrian, coarse and uncouth.

Traffic Signal Lead Cast Performance

One of the most significant roles is played by Kunal Khemu. Even though Sudhir Mishra is a good director, his acting skills are irreplaceable. Every scene played by Kunal Khemu is well done and accurate to the situation. Neetu Chandra’s done impeccable acting. Overall performance is fantastic and shows the commitment of the actors.

Traffic Signal Movie Release Date on OTT

The Traffic Signal Movie Release Date is February 2nd, 2007, and available to stream on Zee5, an OTT platform.

Frequently asked questions About Traffic Signal Movie

Q1. Who is the music composer of the Traffic Signal movie?

Ans: The music composer of the Traffic Signal movie is Shamir Tandon.

Q2. Which award did Traffic signal win?

Ans: The film won the National Film Award for Best Direction.

Q3. What is the box-office collection of Traffic Signal Movie?

Ans: The Box-office collection was around 100 Cr Indian rupees.

Q4. Where can I watch the Traffic Signal movie?

Ans: You can watch it online on ZEE5.

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