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Swade Ahlade

1h 53m

Audio Languages :


Genre :

Life at 40, for the quiet natured Chaitali, starts becoming meaningless. In a family of a scheming mother-in-law, a formidable father-in-law & a non-attention giving husband, Chaitali begins questioning her self-worth. However, with the entry of Kritika - a confident working woman, Chaitali's life undergoes a change. Is this change for the better or worse?

Details about Swade Ahlade Movie :

Movie Released Date
26 Jul 2015
  • Drama
Audio Languages:
  • Bengali
  • Priyanka Sarkar
  • Sreelekha Mitra
  • Arindam Sil

Keypoints about Swade Ahlade :

1. Total Movie duration: 1h 53m

2. Audio Languages: Bengali

Swade Ahlade: A Bengali Drama Movie

Swade Ahlade is a Bengali-language drama movie directed by Arindam Sil in 2015. The movie "Swade Ahlade" is about a woman named Chaitali who begins to question her self-worth in a family where she feels ignored and unappreciated. Her life takes a turn when she meets Kritika, a confident working woman, but whether the change is for the better or worse remains to be seen.

Swade Ahlade Movie Release Date

Swade Ahlade is a Bengali film that was released in theaters in West Bengal on 26 Jul 2015.

Swade Ahlade Movie Plot

Chaitali, a reserved and introverted woman, finds herself grappling with a sense of emptiness and purposelessness as she enters her forties. Her family dynamic is far from ideal, with a manipulative mother-in-law, an imposing father-in-law, and an inattentive husband. This toxic environment causes Chaitali to question her own value and worth.

However, when Kritika, a self-assured and independent working woman, enters Chaitali's life, things begin to shift. Kritika's presence brings about a transformation in Chaitali, and she starts to see the possibility of a new way of living.

Swade Ahlade Movie Cast and Crew

Swade Ahlade was directed by Arindam Sil and produced by Vasiraju Prakasam and Nidamarthi Padmakshi. The movie features Sreelekha Mitra and Priyanka Sarkar in the lead role.

FAQs About Swade Ahlade Movie

Q1. What is the runtime of the movie Swade Ahlade?

Ans: The runtime of the movie Swade Ahlade is 1h 53m.

Q2. What is the language of the movie Swade Ahlade?

Ans: The language of the movie Swade Ahlade is Bengali.

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